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Just be you! Don't EVER try to be something you aren't because you'll fail miserably at it because your male friend cares about you the way you are. Perhaps when you think the time is right you could say something like, "You know, I was thinking, why don't we try going out on a date like other normal couples just to see what it's like?" If he agrees great, and if he says that he doesn't want to risk a good friendship by doing so, then back off. Take it slow and easy because time and maturity often can change friendship into love. Friendship is part of a successful love relationship and your partner should be your best friend. However, it doesn't always work out that way, but, there is a high possibility it could. If nothing else at least you have a good friend. If you aren't dating much because you love him then I suggest you start dating after you have this talk and perhaps he may see that he really does care for you far more than just a friend. If not, be thankful you are good friends and keep up dating other people. Good luck! OR you could try dropping hints!!

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Q: How can you win a guy's heart and let him see you as more than just a friend?
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Telling your best friend that you like her more then a friend?

Just tell her. Think about the way things are with you guys as just friends. Are you happy with your current situation? Or do you want more from the relationship? If you want more, you just have to say it, because there's a chance she does too.

If your friend says another guy is hot?

They are your friend and they are looking at other guys - nothing wrong with that however, if this bothers you and makes you jealous it may be because you are interested in your friend more than just a friend.

What is the word for 'friend' in spanish?

There are four ways to say this: 'Amigo' -- Just a single guy friend 'Amiga' -- Just a single female friend 'Amigos' -- either two or more guy friends or a mix of guys and girls. 'Amigas' -- two or more female friends

Why do guys always like my best friends and not me Am I doing something wrong?

It's not your fault. its because your friend is either better looking, nicer, more fun too be around, easy, or just more confident. It depends on the kind of guys they are.... If they're nice, sincere guys it may just be he likes who they are, and only think of you as a friend. If he's a jerk, it's because your friend is better looking or easy. All you can do is relax, have fun, be confident, and be yourself, because guys will more than likely like you for YOU, not who you're trying to be.

How do guys show they like girl more then friend?

They will kiss her

How do you win the guys heart?

Just do something he likes. try to talk more to him about his favorite thing or subject. Be more friendly to him. Invite him for movies,dinners,etc........................

What is cute to guys?

guys like a cute face... but more than that they prefer that the girl has a kind heart

Why do guys want to know more about you when they can't date you?

They want to be your friend

Why do guys like your best friend more?

its a simple factor, the guy's your friend so if he can't get you, he's going for the closest thing possible and at times it can be just to get to you, depends on the case vougan, out

Why don't guys like me more than a friend?

you obviously dont have boobies...

Can you ask someone to be your friend?

Of course you can! But once you already talk and bond more you guys are already considered a friend.

How do you feel sad?

or for a more sensible answer you could could just put your feet up and get a hug from a friend. hugs open your heart.

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