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How can you win a guy's heart and let him see you as more than just a friend?

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2008-09-25 21:02:46

Just be you! Don't EVER try to be something you aren't because

you'll fail miserably at it because your male friend cares about

you the way you are. Perhaps when you think the time is right you

could say something like, "You know, I was thinking, why don't we

try going out on a date like other normal couples just to see what

it's like?" If he agrees great, and if he says that he doesn't want

to risk a good friendship by doing so, then back off. Take it slow

and easy because time and maturity often can change friendship into

love. Friendship is part of a successful love relationship and your

partner should be your best friend. However, it doesn't always work

out that way, but, there is a high possibility it could. If nothing

else at least you have a good friend. If you aren't dating much

because you love him then I suggest you start dating after you have

this talk and perhaps he may see that he really does care for you

far more than just a friend. If not, be thankful you are good

friends and keep up dating other people. Good luck! OR you could

try dropping hints!!

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