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You should have thought about winning this person over when you were going with them. I just answered a post a few moments ago with the same question you have just asked. I suggest you sit down and figure out who you are and where you want to go in your life. We all need to improve on ourselves until the day we die. You are no different. We are also entitled to make mistakes, so I really hope you actually SEE your mistakes and tell her how you are starting to change. You just might get lucky. When something is precious in your life and you don't give it care, love or nurture it, it's simply withers away or walks away! Good luck Marcy Sit him/her down, and acknowledge your mistake and tell him/her what measures you are going to take to make sure that it does not ever happen again. Let him/her know that you know that you have hurt him/her but you are willing to do whatever it takes to mend the hurt. Then give him/her space. If he/she loves you he/she will return.

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Q: How can you win back someone you love after they have left you due to you hurting them?
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If you love someone who loves you 2 but he left bc he felt that he was hurting you how do you make him see that he wasnt hurting you hurting you as in letting you down not abusing you?

It sounds like he has some issues in his life he needs to work out, and thinks it would be better to deal with them without you.If he loves you he'll come back when he is ready.

How do you stop loving someone if your hurting someone else by doing so?

Love is a precious thing, if you have found it with someone and that person loves you back...don't let anyone get in between you. If love is ment to be, it will be.

Is it OK to totally ignore someone who says they love you if you don't love them back?

No. Think how much they are hurting. If you are not interested, tell them! But don't just ignore them. If you tell them, you can both get on with your lives.

What does it mean when you are purposely hurting someone you love because you hurt?

It means you have issues.

Loving someone who doesn't love you back. What do you do?

If you are loving someone who doesn't love you back, you need to get out of the relationship and look for someone who will love you.

Why love hurt when someone doesn't love you back?

Because when you love someone that doesn't love you back, it makes you feel unloved and unlovable.

What to do if someone says they love you?

Do you love them back?

What is the difference between to be in love with someone and to love someone?

In love someone mean you like her/him and get to know the person To love someone mean you give all your love to someone you care and she/he love you back

What is unrequitted love?

When you love someone and they don't love you back.

What is the conflict on someone to love you?

Conflicts make part of the human nature. How to manage them is the solution to get them less hurting.

What if you love someone and no if they love you?

ask them out, if they love you back. he will date you ! x

Can someone still love you if you left him for someone else in the past and then got back together?

It's possible but it will never be the same. They may still love you but once you hurt them like that,there will always be some hard feelings.

How can you get someone you love to come back after break up?

If they truly love you they will come back to you.

How do you love somebody who doesnt love you back?

Well i will say froget about him/her cause your just hurting your self it always happens to people but they move on:]

What is the best to tell someone you love them?

When you believe they love you back.

How do you get your true love to love you back?

If they don't love you back already then I don't think that ther're really your true love. You can't make someone love.Thenfind someone that loves u.

Why do they call love bugs love bugs?

Because they love the world and you know that orange thing that means they love someone. They don't bite or sting they just stay loving, not hurting anyone.

Essay about Give Love and Get Love?

All you have to do is give love to someone and you will get love back.

What is give love get love?

That is a saying. If you give love to someone, you are sure to get love back.

How can you make someone you love love you back?

You can't make anyone love you.

Is it foolish to love someone who can't love you back?

Love is given. It is not a requirement to get it back. That's what love is. It knows no boundaries or restrictions.

What if they dont love you back?

Answer Unfortunately this happens sometimes. You have to move on. There is someone else out there for you who will love you back.

You love someone who does not love you back.?

Then you hold your head up, not dwell on it and move forward. Its no big deal there will be someone out there that will love you for you.

What if you love someone and she loves you back but she doesn?

Your question is contradictory. "What if you love someone and she loves you back but she doesn't?" ...Clearly the answer would be that she doesn't really love you, and you know this, as you stated "but she doesn't."

What do you do if you love ex and doesn't love you back and he is with someone else already?

forget him and find someone else