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How can you win your boyfriend back?

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2010-01-24 03:58:34

There are many possible ways to try and make someone come

back to you. At the end of it all - it comes down to how much you

want to possibly make a fool of yourself, and if the man doesn't

want to - then he wont.

Make him jealous.... Act like you want nothing to do with

him and be nice to him like it does not bother you and he may come

running! Although this is a good one - the last thing that most

people feel like doing is going out and getting somebody else. This

only works if he really wants to get back with you - as in the

split is only temporary. Acting like nothing bothers you is good

because you will start to feel like nothing bothers you - the

chicken and the egg syndrome.

Dress yourself up - new clothes and makeup baby! Putting

on some makeup, and dressing up in clothes that are sexy and

alluring will catch his eye. This does mean finding out where they

are going to be and being there. You could seem like a stalker, and

reaffirm to him why he left you in the first place! Remember that

men work on the visual part of their brains for attraction. If you

can turn heads by revealing your best feature then show it off!

Find someone else... Probably the best thing to do for

putting off the pain. If you win him back then fansastic - and if

you lose him then you still have your other someone. Beware though

because this is the so-called rebound relationship. People

get with partners thinking they like each other - but then find out

that one person is really just doing it to show an ex that they can

meet other people. You are better to ask a friend to come out with

you. It is better if this person knows the situation so they aren't

hurt. It's hard to spare others the pain of losing someone when

we've lost someone and are hurting - but be decent. People will

learn that you are a nice person - and the next person may come

along and you'll be way more happy!

Just remember - there is no point in pineing for someone who is

never going to come back. Respect yourself - get a social calendar

that allows you to meet people. It can often feel like they are

your only option in life. After all - you are not just saying

goodbye to them but also to your hopes and dreams for the future.

It's natural to hurt - but you will feel a lot better about

yourself if you move on. You will be stronger and wiser, but don't

be more bitterer. This only harms you in the long run as people

won't ever want to know you, and your ex will only realise another

reason why he left you!

Remember - there is not just one Mr Right in the world. There

are tens of thousands. You've just got to meet them. And God knows

- the world can seem like a place that only couples live in when we

first split up. Take care and remember - you are better than they

are - so it's their loss! x

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