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I don't know your complete situation, but I assume you could live in different cities and the commute is too long. There is only one decision to save this relationship and it all depends on how much you love each other. One of you has to move closer to the other! Before you decide if it will be you making this move I would sit down and talk to him. Be sure he's not using this as an excuse to move on. You need to get more facts and the only way to do this is to talk to each other. Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2006-04-10 00:17:10
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Q: How can you work things out if your boyfriend wants to break up because you don't see each other enough?
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How do you get a girl that you like to break up with her boyfriend?

If you liked her enough, you would never make her break up with her boyfriend. If I were you, I'd just wait it out and go looking for others.

How do you break up with a childish boyfriend?

If things really aren't working out between you and he is acting like it is all a joke then you should break up, no matter what he says, it is completely your decision if he refuses to listen then tell him that its not working because he isn't committed enough and doesn't act like he cares about you.

Should you throw awy things your boyfriend gives when you break up?


What if you don't like certain things about your boyfriend should we break up?

better to break up than to try and change your boyfriend. Everbody has there own character.

Your boyfriend and you were together for a year he broke up with you and you dont understand why was he cheating on you?

probably because he wasn't brave enough to say it's over, and break your heart

Why won't my boyfriend break up with me?

because your probably hot

How do i tell my boyfriend he isn't big enough for me in bed?

Two things you can do, 1. just break up with him and don't tell him or 2. tell him and break up with him. Obviously you are not happy with him so why even stay with him if your just going to hurt him.

What do you do if you like a guy but you already have a boyfriend?

Break up with your boyfriend because if you truly liked your boyfriend you wouldn't like the second guy.

Should I break up with my boss boyfriend because he is not giving me enough attention?

you should break up with him soon. he is doing time pass with you. he is surely gonna leave you soon so its better you leave him first.

Why do you break up with your boyfriend for the smallest things?

Probably cause you dont like him that much...?

Why did Nicki Minaj break up with her boyfriend?

Because he was beating up on her.

Why did the cheetah girls break up?

mostly because they had alot of stuff to do that they didnt have enough cheetah time adrienne with her boyfriend and album and Sabrina with her mom and dad and keilly with making enough money to buy her own home

How do you tell your friend who has a boyfriend that your in love with her?

Because she has a boyfriend it's best to leave well enough alone. She wouldn't be with him if she didn't have some feelings for him. Most young relationships don't last forever so try and be patient and if she should break up with her boyfriend then you can ask her out on a date.

Your boyfriend wants a break?

you're probably just not giving him enough space. but careful - if your married someday he might "want a break" and you'll end up heartbroken with a divorce. But hey - he might have a lot of things going on right now too!

Did Miranda Cosgrove break up with her boyfriend?

no she did not break up with her boyfriend.

How do you get a girl to break up with her boyfriend for you?

Wait, so you want someone to break up with their boyfriend for you? ok...umm...there has to be a reason to break up first i guess. I agree with the person above me. If the girl wants to break up with her boyfriend, she will. She's not going to do it just because you don't want them to go out.

What If you think she likes you but she already has a boyfriend?

Answer What you think and what actually is happening is two different things. If she already has a boyfriend, let her break up with him and come to you other than that the boyfriend might get jealous and want to break your nose for being somewhere you shouldn't be.

What should you do if your boyfriend of 2 years 9 months wants a break because he said the next step is marriage and he's not ready for that yet?

been in a relationship for 2 years 9 months boyfriend wanted a break and we are. worried that we might not get back together. i do not want things to end!

Did Kristen Stewart break up with her boyfriend?

Yes no...but they might break up because she likes robbert pattinson

Why did the Jackson 5 break up?

because they had, had enough

How do you break up with your boyfriend because my your parents said to?

That's really messed up of your parents to make you break up with your boyfriend. I wouldn't do that if I were you. Don't let them control your life.

You think you still love your boyfriend but you tend to hurt him a lot?

Your emotions are mixed and you need to sort them out for his benefit because he may break up with you unless you work things out.

Should you break up with your boyfriend because you are pregnant?

No, if possible your boyfriend (as the father) needs to be involved in bringing up the baby.

What to think when your boyfriend threatens to break up with you after you hurt him?

That you should never hit your boyfriend or to anyone, because it shows disrespects.

How do you get your friend to break up with her boyfriend?

You cannot get someone to break up with their boyfriend/girlfriend, they will do it if and when they are ready. why would you want her to break up with her boyfriend anyway?