How can your girlfriend find out if she is divorced?

People get married and divorced in different states so she has to know where the papers for the divorce were filed. Then she can go to the recordings office in the court house and see if papers have been filed. If she filed for divorce then she would have had to appear before a judge and have been issued a dissolution of marriage. If her ex filed he would have had to notify her of a proceeding, whether she chose to show up doesnt matter because a judge can grant a divorce that has been petitioned with out the party there. She should bring her marriage certificate if she has it, they may be able to crossreference the number of that with a divorce decree. Divorce records are public information and are filed in the state's vital records department in the state and county where the divorce was granted. Information can be found using only the names of the divorcing parties, but it is much simpler if the date the petition was filed, the county in which it was filed and so forth is available. FYI, it is not necessary for both parties to be present for a divorce to be granted. If the person served does not respond with agreement or contestation, the filing spouse can receive the divorce under the default laws of the state.