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WHen you fill ou t the paperwork for the birth certificate they ask you who the father is. It's your choice what you tell them. If the person you are referring to accepts p[aternity as well and signs on the dotted line at the same time you do - voila - that person is the father and no one knows any different. They do not test for paternity UNLESS the real father decides to claim them and then he has to sue for it. You must wait until the child is born before adoption can take place. The baby isn't considered legal until it is born and since anything can happen between now and the time the baby is born, waiting is a good idea anyway.

2007-03-24 23:17:06
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At what stage can a doctor confirm the biological father of an unborn child?

You can't confirm the father of an unborn child, but once the baby is born a paternity test can be done

Can your former girlfriend put your unborn baby up for adoption Can the father have a say in this?

Depending on the jurisdiction, the biological father has certain rights. You should hire an attorney.

Does a 22 year old white male have rights to his unborn baby?

No. The father does not legally have any rights until the child is born.

If the daughter gets pregnant does the father pay support on her child too in Indiana?

No, an obligated parent is only responsible for the support of his or her own biological or adopted child. The father of a pregnant minor is not financially responsible for her unborn child. However, the father of the unborn child is responsible for its support, even if he is a minor. The individual circumstances and the laws of the state will determine the extent of his obligations.

Can MRSA be passed from father to unborn child?

If the father passes it to the mother, she could then pass it to the unborn child. So I suppose it could happen.

Does the father smoking weed hurt an unborn child?

No, a father smoking marijuana will not hurt an unborn child. The mother should do her best to stay out of the room, but the father smoking will not hurt.

What can a father do if his unborn child is in danger by its mother?

Be glad you aren't going to be a father

How do you know that you have a certain biological father?

DNA tests are almost always an absolute indicator of the paternity of children. In very rare cases (chimera), involving the ovaries of unborn fraternal twins, DNA testing will also correctly indicate that the birth mother is not the biological mother.

Can a father stop the adoption of his unborn child?


If the daughter gets pregnant is her father ordered to pay child support on her child?

No. The father of the pregnant daughter has no legal obligation to support her child. That responsibility belongs to the biological father of the unborn child assuming that the pregnancy is not terminated nor the child placed for adoption or parental rights terminated by the court.

What if a mother wants to willingly give sole custody of her unborn child to the baby's biological father?

There should be a paternity test just to clarify things, than it can be done using a mediator. see links below

The council is stopping the father of your unborn child live with you?

get married

If father use drugs is it sperma hamful to your unborn child?


What rights does the father have to your unborn child in Minnesota?

In the United States the father has no rights until the child is born.

How soon can you find out who the father of an unborn child is?

As soon as the child is born.

Can a mother give the father custody of an unborn?

No, the child has to be born first.

Can i put my unborn child up for adoption without the father knowing?


What is the procedure for your husband to adopt your unborn child from a previous relationship?

It can be very complicated depending upon the laws of the state in which the couple reside and whether or not the biological father disagrees with the adoption. If the child is a result of an affair during the marriage, the court rarely intervenes if the husband accepts the child as his own, even if the biological father files for parental rights. If the child was conceived out of a relationship before the woman married, then no action can be taken until the child is born, parentage is established and the biological father voluntarily relinquishes his parental rights. If the biological father forfeits his rights to the child, the couple can petition the court for the husband to legally adopt said child. A biological parent CANNOT be forced to give up his parental rights to a child except by a court when it pertains to matters of abuse, neglect, etc. Please be advised, this is the basic legal procedure, exact information pertaining to the issue should be obtained from an attorney licensed to practice family law in the state where the couple reside.

What rights does a mother have on her unborn infant?

When a woman is pregnant only she can legally decide what happens to her body and the fetus.

Can i get the father of my unborn child to relinquish his parental right?

You can try, but has to be court approved.

Who gets custody of an unborn child?

No one apart from the mother can obtain "custody" of a fetus. Custody battles must wait until the child has been born. The biological mother always retains custodial rights to a child when the couple are unmarried, until paternity is established and the biological father petitions the court for custodial or visitation rights.

Laws in Kentucky for rights of a father of an unborn child?

In the United States, fathers have no rights regarding unborn children. In Kentucky, a father won't have rights to a child unless he's on the birth certificate or until he establishes paternity in court.

Who is the father of Kim Kardashian's unborn baby?

Kims having her baby to Kanye west

Is it possible for your boyfriend and father of your unborn child to sign the birth certificate if he is underage?


Who will cover cost of an aliens unborn child if father is on parents health plan?