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Q: How can your son pass the SAT test?
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How you can pass SAT test?


Can a female use your son urine to pass a drug test?


Score to pass SAT?

to pass sat u have to have 2000

If you took half a 5mg hydrocodone yesterday and took drug test today will you pass the test?

if i took 3 or 4 hydrocodones on Friday and sat would i pass drug test on monday

Is there a test you need to pass in order to get into UCLA?

You need to take the SAT or the ACT and submit the scores. There isn't a Pass or Fail exam.

Are you required to pass the SAT test?

With the SAT, there is no pass or fail. Different colleges require different SAT scores for admission. Check out some college websites. On their admissions page it will explain what scores they are looking for. Then make it your goal to prep for the SAT and get a higher score then what is required! If you have any more questions about college admissions or test prep, give us a call! We have test prep counselors standing by. (877) 738-7737

Does the SAT have calculus questions?

No, the original SAT test does not have calculus. The SAT Subject Test for Math 2 also does not have calculus.

What test can you take to prepare you for the SAT reasoning test?


If you drank on wed will pass a 9 panel urine test on Sat?

Nine panel tests do not test for alcohol, but if they throw an EGT in on you, you're a goner.

What is a passing score on the SAT test?

The SAT isn't a Pass/Fail type of test. It is a general ranking of the person taking the test compared to all of the others that take the test. Some colleges have set minimums for what they will consider for admissions, but they also take other factors into account.

What does the SAT stand for?

SAT is a test that measures a students academics. SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test and it is a required test to get into most universities.

What kind of test SAT gives?

SAT is a standardized test, giving an approximation of a student's ability in comparison to other students. There is the original SAT test and the SAT Subject Tests.

Can i use my son urine to pass a drug test?

yeah you can but make sure he is clean

Do the online SAT practices prepare you for SAT test?

The online SAT's do prepare you for the SAT test because the SAT questions do not test intelligence rather they are predictable. Because they are not an IQ test, similar questions can be practiced online to help a student achieve a higher score easily.

What is the SAT exam?

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a college admission test in the US, now known as the SAT Reasoning Test. It is intended to assess readiness for college.

How do you do a SAT test well?

You study hard :) I recommend McGraw Hill's Sat test book

How do you become an SAT test proctor?

How do I become a SAT proctor?

Is it normal to mom sat on her son?


If you drank on wed will it show in your urine test on sat?

if i drank on wed will it show in my urine test on sat

What is the maximum scroce for the SAT test?

For the SAT test given before spring 2016, the maximum score was 2400. The new SAT in 2016 will be out of 1600.

If you take a very small amount of cocain sat morning 2 am then drug test Tuesday morning 7 am will you pass a urinalisis?


What is a duration of the SAT subject test?

SAT subject test valid for 5 years. and its duration for giving a test approx. 3 hrs.

Is the word an or a used prior to an acronyn that starts with s or m example I took an SAT test or I took a SAT test?

Use "an" before a vowel sound and "a" before a constanant. If you are pronouncing SAT as the word sat, then you would say "a sat test" but if you are pronouncing each letter separately, then it is "an ess ay tee test".

What does the SAT test measure?

Th SAT measures how prepared you are for college.

Can you use a colculator on a sat reasoning test?

You can use a calculator on the Math portion of the SAT, as well as the SAT subject test for Math (levels 1 and 2).