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Your wife, as an authorized user, is not liable for those debts. Have your wife's name removed from the accounts. Wait at least 30 days and then she can try disputing those tradelines with the credit bureaus.

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Q: How can your wife fix her credit if you're filing Chapter 7 but she is not however she was an authorized user on four of your cards and the charge offs are showing up on her credit which was perfect?
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What can you do if you were an authorized user on a credit account and the main cardholder stopped paying and now your credit score has been lowered because the delinquency was reported on your credit?

There's a difference between an authorized user and a joint account holder. If you were simply an authorized user, meaning that the other person is soley responsible for the account and you only have a card in your name, then the delinquency shouldn't be showing up on your credit at all. You aren't the holder of the account. If this is the case, you need to immediately file a dispute claim with the agenicies reporting the delinquency; they, then, must investigate and tell you the outcome of the investigation. If, however, you are a joint holder, meaning your name is listed as someone financially responsible for the account, then the only way to correct the credit score is to pay the account and be patient.

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