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Certainly NOT any closer than three yards!

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What is the mission of the marine corps rifle squad?

Locate, close with and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver, and to repel the enemy's assault by fire and close-combat.

Is fire a gas or a plasma?

A plasma.

What state is fire?

fire is the state of plasma

Does fire contain plasma?

it depend on how it starts most of them do have plasma

How do you make plasma in Doodle God?

Fire + energy = plasma.

How do you create plasma in doodle god?


What element is in fire?


What kind of matter is fire?

It is a plasma. Technically plasma is a kind of matter.

How is plasma created in doodle god?

plasma is created by fire+energy

What are examples of the plasma state of matter?

Lightning, fire, and the Sun. Blood "plasma" is not the plasma state of matter.

What state is fire in?

The state of matter that fire is classified as is plasma.

What are example of plasma?

some examples of plasma are sun,flourescent lights,fire

What does a star looks like?

A star is a ball of hot gases and plasma. (It's not actually "on fire", but it's similar to a ball of fire in that fire is also mainly hot gases and plasma.) The Sun is a star, so you could look for pictures of the Sun if you wanted to get an idea of what a typical star would look like "up close."

Are fire and lightning plasma?


How does matter exist in fire?


Is fire a matter or energy?

fire is considered something called a plasma

What is fire a solid liquid or gas or neither?

fire is a thing called plasma, which is like a gas but the electrons are free, or something like that examples of plasma are: aurora, lightning, fire :)

Where plasma occurs on Earth?

Plasma is in lightening and fire on earth and also in fluorescent lights.

What is the state of matter of Fire?

The flames are plasma.

How do you get plasma in Doodle God?

Fire + Energy

What is the combination for plasma in doodle god?


Why isn't fire one of the states of matter?

Fire is classified under one of the states of matter. It belongs to a more uncommon state of matter --- plasma. Plasma is ionized gas where electrons are removed from the atom through ionization. There are natural and man-made plasma. Natural plasma includes fire, lightning and the Sun. The whole universe is mostly made up of plasma. Man-made plasma include fluorescent light tubes.

How do you make plasma on Doodle God 2?

In order to make Plasma on Doodle God 2 you need to combine energy + fire = plasma.

What is an example of Plasma?

The sun, lightning, the ionosphere, fluorescent light bulb, stars, fire, plasma tv, and solar winds are examples of plasma.

What is the melting point of plasma?

Plasma is a gas that is heated to the degree that electrons are stripped away from the nuclei of the gas atoms. Fire is a great example of plasma. But as such, plasma does not have a melting point...