How cold does it get in Elgin North Dakota?

Here are some stats for Mott, N.D., which is 20 miles west of Elgin. I hope this will do: -44 F is the coldest temperature ever recorded from 1948-2008, on February 28, 1962. -42 F in January, -39 F in December, -33 F in March, and -25 F in November are also respective record lows for the months listed. Historically speaking, it has dropped below 32 F in every month except July. Those are minimum temperatures (lowest recorded during 24 hrs.). Very cold maximums are also present in the records: On February 2nd, 1996, the maximum temp. was -24F. Other cold maximum temps include: On 1-14-1972, it was -22 F. On 2-3-1989, it was -28 F. On 1-11-1997, it was -20 F. On 12-25-1983, it was -21 F. Of course, there are numerous other days completely below zero. The earliest subzero MINIMUM (low) was 10-30-1991; the latest was 4-9-1997. The earliest subzero MAXIMUM (high) was 11-27-1985; the latest was 3-9-2003. So, in conclusion, it gets pretty chilly in Mott, and it's no doubt the same in Elgin.