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earth can be various temparatures depending on how close it is to the equator or one of the two poles.(correct me if im wrong)

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Is earth hot or cold?

earth is hot and cold

Earth is hot or cold?

it is cold

What are the results of breeding cold and tree dragons in DragonVale?

An evergreen (plant/cold), lichen (cold/plant), tree (plant/earth), moss (earth/plant), or mountain (cold/earth) could result from that combo.

Why is earth cold can you answer?

the earth is cold because the space is cold , space is -273 it's very very cold , we can't feel it because there is a sun that keep us warm.

Why will earth become cold without sun what makes earth cold i think space?

The earth would be cold because the earth wouldn't be getting any heat from the sun, so the earth would become one big ball of ice and everything would die. The earth isn't cold because it has a core which is over 5000'c. It only feels cold in the day because the cloud's block all of the heat, or there is a cold wind. If it is cold at night then it means there ane no clouds keeping the heat in.

What weather does the earth have?

the weather on earth can have cold and have hot

What are the ratings and certificates for Cold Earth - 2008?

Cold Earth - 2008 is rated/received certificates of: USA:R

Is the earth cold or hot?

The Earth is both hot and cold (depending on what state your in). You sould know because if your reading this you most likely on planet Earth.

Why does it get hot and cold?

the earth gets hot in cold because of the earths tilt in the summer time most of the sun is on the earth in the winter time less of the sun is on the earth

When the earth cooled what came?


Does earth get to hot or to cold?


Is earth a hot or cold planet?


What is winter like on Earth?


Is it cold on the surface of earth?

I'm not sure if you're being serious or not, but yes, in some places it is cold on the surface of the Earth. :D

Is the south pole cold or hot?

Cold because it is far away from the equater in the middle of the earth.

How cold does earth get?

the earth realy does not have a temperature on it one side it is colder than the other but realy it all equal -carmen it can be realy cold -me

What does earth feel like?

earth feels hot from the bottom of it and cold from the outside surface , hot at volcanoes and cold at snowy mountainsType your answer here...

How long have Earthquakes and Landslides have been on earth?

Sence the Earth is close to the sun no it is not cold it is sometime cold and sometimes not but you see for yourselves by exsperimenting I did it you do it. :)

Is it cold by the equator cold?

No, the equator is hot year round because of its exposure to the sun. The poles of the earth are cold.

How did the cold war affect the earth?

The Cold War had the potential to severely impact the earth through the effects of expolding hundreds of nuclear weapons if it ever became a hot war. But as the Cold War did not result in a nuclear confrontation, it had esseentially no impact on the earth.

How cold can earth get?

Earth can go down to negative 22 degrees Fahrenheit.

How would a person fare on earth?

we can live on earth because it is not to hot or cold

Why not it be nice?

Sun heats Earth... If Sun is gone, Earth is cold... =S

Is the mantel of the Earth cold?

no its no since the earth eats lot of hot food

Is an earth worm cold blooded or warm blooded?

An earthworm is a cold blooded animal.

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