How cold is it at a stadium monster truck jam?

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like 75 degrees
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How do you do stunts in the monster jam video game?

I too am having problems getting with my stunts! this is the best advice I can give for the PC version: the left shift + left or right while on the throttle will give you donuts, boost after landing a jump (usually) results in a wheelie, barrel rolls, end over end, airtime in reverse, and never let ( Full Answer )

What is a Monster Truck?

\nA monster truck is an automobile, typically styled after pickup trucks, modified or purposely built with extremely large wheels and suspension. They are used for competition and popular Sports Entertainment and in some cases they are featured alongside Motocross races, mud bogging, tractor pulls a ( Full Answer )

How do you do a donut in monster jam game?

that was SO wrong it wasn't funny. so to really do it u press the left shift n u can use four wheel steering and then u can do a donut buy holding the UP button and pressing the RIGHT or LEFT button.

When was Monster Jam created?

In 2000, sixteen trucks went to Las Vegas, Nevada and two won the racing and freestyle championships. Then in 2001, sixteen more trucks went to Vegas, but this time only one won the championships, and he won them both. In the 2002 edition sixteen more arrived and the man who won it in 2001 won it on ( Full Answer )

How do you download monster trucks on monster truck madness 2?

First off you need to download cowpod from Next find yourmonster truck madness 2 folder. It should be located in C:/ProgramFiles/Monster Truck Madness 2. Next drag cowpod into that folder.Next download your mod. After that extract the file to C:/ProgramFiles/Monster Truck Madness 2. Next c ( Full Answer )

Who made the first monster truck?

In the late 1970s, modified pickup trucks were becoming popular and the sports of mud bogging and truck pulling were gaining in popularity. Several truck owners had created lifted trucks to compete in such events, and soon competition to hold the title of "biggest truck" developed. The trucks which ( Full Answer )

Where was the first monster truck invented?

Hey man. I don't know where it was invented but I do know that in the early eighties Bob Chandler made the first monster truck named "BigFoot". St. Louis, MO actually.

How do you do stunts in the monster jam wii game?

I'm still trying to figure out how to do a doughnut.. Coming up on a jump, I often will press boost just as I get to the incline, which shoots me up in the air. If you land on at least the back two tires and press boost, you will do a wheelie. Otherwise, to maximize points, I try to string together ( Full Answer )

What does the monster truck do?

Usually, a monster truck is involved in crushing smaller vehicles beneath its huge tires. They also compete in the very popular freestyle event as well as side by side racing and sometimes mud bogging.

How do you get a monster truck?

come to kawakawa repairs and tell the man there this password...(monster maker) hope you get one!!!

Can you get monster trucks?

Yes, drivers/owners occasionally sell their old operations and or old racing trucks. A good way to find one of these trucks is to simply search Ebay and Craig's List periodically.

When did monster jam first start?

Monster jam started around the early to mid 1990's. but didn't become a totally independent until 2000

Where is the best place to sit at Monster Jam?

It is hard to predict unless you know what the layout of the arenais going to be. The higher sideline seats have a better overallview, while the lower ones have a closer view of the trucks. Theclosest seats are usually off-limits for safety reasons, andaccidents have occurred when fans occupy ground ( Full Answer )

What are names of the monster trucks?

grave digger,son uva digger,spider man,batman,iron man,eltoroloco,monster mut,shock therapy,avenger,avenger (aussie), and lotsmore.sorry to many to name. source (wikipedia) list of monstertruck names

Who started monster truck driving?

Bob Chandler started the monster truck craze when his "jacked-up" truck ran over cars at a local dealerships grand opening event. His truck was the original, Bigfoot.

What was the monster jam world finals 2010 truck lineup?

Grave Digger Maximum Destruction Batman Taz US Air Force Afterburner Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Bounty Hunter Madusa Avenger Blue Thunder Advance Auto Parts Grinder Captain's Curse El Toro Loco Monster Mutt An Escalade Monster Mutt Dalmation Gunslinger Superman King Krunch Stone Crusher Nitro Circu ( Full Answer )

Is there a hack for all monster trucks on monster jam urban assault?

Monster Jam: Urban Assault doesn't have any cheats. In order to unlock the vehicles you have to unlock them. How to Unlock The Destroyer - 10,000 Points Blacksmith - 50,000 Points El Toro Loco - 70,000 Points Suzuki - 110,000 Points Maximum Destruction - 235,000 Points Iron Outlaw - Complete Sou ( Full Answer )

Is monster jam cool?

Monster Jam is a cool game! You destroy everything in your path and that's the point if the game.

What are 'cold jams'?

a cold jam is a beat which is generally in the genre of dance or hip hop that simply cannot be denied by anybody. Grimy in it's style, the rhythm hits hard and therefore creates bodily movement.

Where can you get Monster Jam tickets?

You can get tickets on the Monster Jam, Ticketmaster, or UNLV Tickets websites. See the related links to go directly to any of these websites.

When is the monster jam world finals 2011?

Truck Driver World Finals Appearances (Truck) Qualified Venue Qualified . Advanced Auto Parts Grinder. Racing: Frank Krmel Freestyle: Lupe Soza . 2nd. 1st. Minneapolis. Grave Digger. Dennis Anderson. 12th. 2nd. Houston #1. Iron Man. Lee O'Donn ( Full Answer )

What channel is monster jam on dish?

You can do a search on your receiver to locate a channel that may be playing in your area. Just press the Menu button on your remote to bring up the Main Menu and press 2, (Themes and Search). Select Keyword and enter the title in the box above the keypad. Select Done, then select Get Results. The r ( Full Answer )

How do you get the monster truck on Moshi Monsters?

It depends which color you want. If you want the pink and yellow monster trucks you need the Limited Edition Code in a moshi mag. If you want any others they're in The Port. To go to the port you need to be a moshi member!

How do you get the yellow monster truck moshi monster?

First u have 2 buy the second edition of the moshi mag, then enter the codes that come on a lil card and u have it in ur room! I had it, but I sold it 4 0 rox! Happy monitoring! Btw plz add me I'm dimondgal518 and plz add my bff bunixox 

Is there a new monster jam game in 2012?

There is no official answer yet. I have been looking myself but have got no results. I think the new Monster Jam game will come out sometime around THIS December or late 2013