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How cold is the moon?

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The temperature of the moon averages between 25 and 108 degrees celcius

AnswerThe temperature on the moon can drop to - 280 degrees Fahrenheit which is -173 degrees Celsius.

During the lunar day, the surface temperature averages 107°C, and during the lunar night, it averages -153°C

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on the sunny side of the moon it is extremely hot, but on the cold side of the moon it is extremely cold.

Yes. The moon is always cold.

The duration of Cold Moon is 1.53 hours.

Cold Moon was created on 1991-05-22.

It is cold on the moon since there isn't an atmosphere to trap the heat.

In the month of December the winter cold fastens its grip and the nights become long and dark so it is called cold moon.

the moon actually has no air on the moon.

becase the moon is a dry and cold orb

very cold during the night

Actually, no it is not. It is cold.

Big, Small, Far, Bright, Cold, Close, Moon!

That would be Saturn's eighth moon Enceladus.

Never. The Moon is solid and cold; it isn't tectonically active.

No, the inside of the moon is solid and cold.

sometimes on cold days the moon is like the coldest thing in the world and in sunny its the hottest thing in the world

Cold and it's not a planet it's a satellite

the moon has extreme heat and extreme cold because the moon has no atmosphere. unlike earth the moon and other planets do not have living life there fore do not have any atmospheric signs or any atmosphere.

you can make Transpotation on the moon because it is not cold in space but there is wetness in the atmusspere so means it is cold but yet it is. so there is wetness in space and that's how you can make transportation on the moon.

4,000,000 degrees Celsius

=because, if there is a sundog at night,== around the moon,==its going to be cold at night.==and if there is a sundog in the morning,==around the sun,==it will be cold in the day.=

The moon gets 260 Fahrenheit and gets as cold as-280 Fahrenheit

there is not any oxegen plus is extremely cold on the moon

the temutre of the moon is really hot in the day and so cold at night.

Nighttime on the moon is cold because there's no sunlight to warm it and no atmosphere to trap the heat.Note: the far side of the moon isn't always dark.

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