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The volume of semen ejaculated by a male is highly dependent on a number of things. * Some people have a normally small ejaculate. * Older men tend to ejaculate less than when they were youngsters. * A person who is dehydrated will ejaculate less. * A guy who masturbates or has sexual intercourse very frequently within a given period of time, may experience a progressively smaller ejaculation until he rests and give his body time to catch up. * Young boys who have just begun ejaculating, may experience a thin, more watery ejaculation, which will likely change to become thicker and more copious as they mature. * Some diseases like Diabetes, neurological or circulatory disorders will affect how much a man ejaculates. If you are concerned about the volume or quality of your ejaculate, you should discuss this with your family doctor or urologist, who can do a microscopic examination of a semen sample, and provide you with the information you need.

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Has your semen mature it is a little bit sticky and thick cloudy I do have pre-ejaculate and I can cum a lot also is there any drink to make your semen a little more whiter?

Semen isn't always white and that is completely normal. It can be thicker sometimes and that is normal too, especially if you haven't ejaculated in awhile. You don't have anything to worry about.

Does it harm if more sperms are released at age of 15?

Not sure what this question means exactly... Is it harmful to ejaculate a lot at 15? No. That said, as long as there's no chafing or irritated skin from causing said ejaculation, then it's not harmful. That also said, the body could get a little fatigued from spending more energy creating semen(the liquid that the sperm travel in). Moreover, one could run out of semen by ejaculating a lot over a small time period(couple hours) and not have any come out when they ejaculate, which is referred to as being 'blue balled', It's not pleasant, but it's not harmful.

How much sperm is supposed to come out of a 14 year old?

it all depends on how mature you are. Boys who are mature enough can ejaculate a lot, while boys that are not mature can only ejaculate a bit.

How do you get a guy to ejaculate without touching his penis?

Turn him on a lot!

What does semen protect sperm from?

Well the answer is, quite a lot! First of all sperm is only about 2% of the total ejaculate, so all the rest of that juice is there to carry it along its way, Feed it, keep it from drying out, and keep the chemistry of the Vagina from killing it.

How do you get a lot of pre-ejaculate?

just kind of masturbate slowly also so your penis will erect, Just do it slowly though

Can you create mermaids on the Sims life stories?

No i dont think so - i go on sims quite a lot and have never come across it. No i dont think so - i go on sims quite a lot and have never come across it.

Did sheryl crow drink a lot of semen?


Is it normal to have a lot of pre-ejaculate fluid for men?


Is a lot of pre-ejaculate harmful to health?

No it's not. It functions as lube.

What is human semen made of?

a lot of sperms and some protein.

Do you need a lot of semen to concieve?

very important in normal amount

Does the volume of semen help with conceiving?

No. Just because you have a lot of semen does not have to mean you have more sperms in it. In one drop there's still millions.

Can pre-ejaculate make a virgin pregnant?

Yes, there isn't really a difference between pre-ejaculate and ejaculate, it can have a lot of sperm in it and the guy can not even know that anything is coming out. How many times a woman has had sex has no relevance to if she is going to get pregnant or not.

What does intelligence mean?

It means that you dont have to think about a lot of things when it come to answering a question, you are fast at responding to a persons question, you understand a lot of things

Can you get pregnant if at the last minute the man takes his penis out of your vagina and ejaculates on your vagina?

You can get pregnant if he ejaculates onto your vagina. What you describe is an incorrectly performed version of the "withdrawal" or "the pullout" method. The pullout method is when the man pulls his penis all the way out and away, right before he starts to orgasm. This method only works well if the man has the necessary self-control to avoid squirting any semen inside. This also means he must not squirt any semen onto the vagina, since this can allow sperm to get seep back inside and create a small chance of pregnancy. On another note, the penis can ooze a natural lubricant, often known as pre-ejaculate. Pure pre-ejaculate is clear and slippery, and contains no sperm, so a man can push his penis inside the vagina as deeply and for as long as he likes, with no risk of pregnancy IF he only releases pre-ejaculate. As soon as he feels an orgasm about to trigger the contractions (jerks or spurts) of sperm-filled semen, he must pull his penis all the way out before it the real ejaculate comes out. By that time, guys sometimes loose control and don't pull out until semen get inside. Since nothing usually happens, they won't admit this, and then if a pregnancy occurs "pre-ejaculate" gets blamed. The pullout method depends entirely on the man and has a bad reputation because, eventually, most guys mess it up and won't admit it. The only thing left to blame the pregnancy on is "pre-ejaculate". This is why there is a lot of hysterical fear about pre-ejaculate being dangerous and girls getting scared when they are fooling around and notice that their guy's penis has leaked pre-ejaculate onto their vagina. Only sperm can make you pregnant, and pre-ejaculate has no sperm (or a tiny, tiny bit from an old ejaculation) in it!

How to make semen come out of penis?

Hold on to your penis like how you would hold a sword... and squeeze it tightly with a grip, then you rub it up and down really quick the faster you rub it the faster it comes out. Eat the semen and you gain super powers!!! :O Then, get a glass drinking cup and put it in the freezer. Then, make a lot of semen put it your frozen drinking cup and ask your girlfriend over.Finally, give it to her and tell her i mad you a vanilla milkshake. Then she will DRINK your SEMEN!!!

When you urine a lot is that a sign that sperm is coming?

No. Urine and semen have nothing to do with each other. That just means you drink a lot

Can drinking a lot of juice make your semen taste better?

Yes, drinking a lot of juice may improve the taste.

What is a woman squirter and what is the fluid?

I assume you are referring to a woman who is able to ejaculate. All women have the ability to female ejaculate, most of them just do not know it is possible. The ejaculate is made up of the same thing male prostate fluid is. There is a lot of information involved so I have provided you with a link.

What do ants in your semen signify?

Semen is sweet and contains a lot of protein. In addition to this, it is liquid, and is therefore easy to transport back to the nest. This combination of properties is why it draws ants.

Can semen help with cold symptoms?

Uh, definitely not. HOWEVER: Buckley's cold medicine looks a lot like semen and it does help a lot. p.s. I do not know which of the two tastes worse, but the Buckley's will definitely work better on your chest cough.

Are 4 teaspoons of semen a lot for one ejaculation?

one teaspoon is about average, so yes, 4 would be quite a lot.

Do guys like other guys sperm?

The majority of guys do not like other guys semen. (sperm is what swims in your semen) Some guys who are not bisexual or gay might like semen in general. Not all bisexual and gay guys like other guys semen. Those bisexual/gay guys who like other guys semen... like it a lot.

Is it OK to leak out most of the sperm after the sex How I can prevent it?

What goes up must come down so a lot of semen (not sperm) will leak out. The sperm are already swimming away up your birth canal.