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How come companies charge for downloads?


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I am not an insider on the computer programming world, and if somebody is, please provide a more thurough answer. I can answer with this: Nothing is free. Companies charge for downloads because they need to cover the expenses to pay their employees (programmers, marketers, etc.). A common misconception is that the only reason people need to charge for software is the cost of selling it. However, any software, unless it is made for fun by a guy down in his basement, has production costs. Any program, even the ones that download free, such as iTunes, make money somewhere along the line. iTunes downloads for free, but makes money off the music store. Other programs, such as the weather tool Weather Bug, have a free version with ads, but have a subscription service with added benefits. If you are looking for a large selection of free (along with not free) downloads, head to Cnet's Hope that helps.


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