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"My dog's got no nose." "No nose. How does he smell?" "Absolutely awful"

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Why do noses run and feet smell?

Because feet smell and noses run and because its a joke, silly!

Why do noses run?

Because feet smell.

Why do you have noses that run and feet that smell?

So your nose won't smell your stanky feet!!!!!TRULY TRUE

How does your nose run but your feet smell?

If your nose runs and your feet smell, you're built upside down.

How do you make my feet smell?

You can go for a run without socks on

What kind of adaptations do pigs have?

Pigs noses are adapted to help them dig for food. Pigs have feet to be able to walk and run.

Why does your nose run and your feet smell?

because humans are complex especially women

What is the verb in the sentence their noses run?

It is the word run.

Why do chihuahuas have long noses and ears?

Because they were used to run rabbits and other small animals out of their hole so long nose to smell and big ears to listen.

Why do feet smell and nose run?

BOe nose ran cause the feet smelt 2 gruesome and you must just have B.O

How do you know if you were built upside down?

Your feet would smell and your nose would run. You would poop out your mouth

Who is one who run without feet and does not come?

either it is time or youth

Why do dogs run around and sniff?

Dogs can smell a million times better than humans--so smelling is to dogs as seeing is to humans. In many ways, dogs "see" their world by smell using their noses. So sniffing their surroundings is the main way they perceive the world.

Do Jimmy neutrons shoes smell?

His shoes smell really bad because in see Jimmy run he runs so fast his feet are gone because of the odor his shoes can't take it

Why does your nose run when you sit down?

Everyone should know that noses cannot walk, so therefore, they run.

How smell protect animals?

they smell somethings bad and run

Can crocodiles run on two feet?

Crocodiles can run on four feet but not two feet.

What is the reaction about the story of Pinocchio?

Pinocchio was written to reduce lying in children. For many years, children would run to a mirror to look at their noses when they told a fib to check the size of their noses.

How many feet do you have to run if you hit a home run?

360 feet

Why does my lumina Run rough smell gas after starting?

after start car smell gas why?

If you ran a marathon which is 2.62 miles how many feet will you have run?

You will have run 13,833.6 feet.

If you can run 335 feet per minute then how many feet can you run per second?

5.583 feet per second.

How do jaguars run?

It has four feet to run.

How fast can a weiner dog run?

weiner dogs run fast when they smell a hotdog.

What do you run with?

Your feet

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