How come gun dealers in the US do not sale the Glock 25 Glock is a manufacture in Austria?

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The Gun Control Act of 1968 set forth certain criteria which firearms manufacturers must meet before their firearms can be imported for resale on the US civil market. Even the Glock pistols which are sold in the US must be shipped with adjustable sights, which are then replaced with fixed, US manufactured sights once they arrive. The Glock 25 does not meet the criteria sufficiently to be allowed for import onto the US market.
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Price on used Glock 22?

Depends on how much the gun was fired previously but in any case your looking at around 375 to 409 dollars

How much in an used Glock 26?

Depends on the wear and how many mags and any other extras but a g26 with two mags is probably in the area of 375 to 400

Can the glock 17 barrel be used in the glock 19?

It will obviously stick out about a half inch and look odd butotherwise it will function fine. Some aftermarket barrel have to befit but a factory one should drop in. ------- The above information is incorrect. In addition to being longer,the position of the locking block in the 17 is different.

Value of used Glock 21sf?

In what condition?. Used and abused? $300-$375. Depending on your area.. New? $500+. Again depending on your area.. Typically $400-$500

What Price for used Glock 19?

100-400 USD Actually I think it's more like $200 to $450. In "normal" condition for a used gun, with some wear on the edges and maybe a little nick or blemish here or there, say $350-$400. If it comes in the original plastic Glock box, with the owner's manual, bore cleaning brush, etc. then it sho ( Full Answer )

How much does a used Glock 30 go for?

100-300 USD. The above is incorrect in my eyes. A used glock 30 is usually priced from 400 very low, to 500 slightly high. Average is 450-475. Of course it depends on how it was used and cared for. I wouldn't pay more than 400 if it is scracthed up, though scratches should not change its performanc ( Full Answer )

Can you use a glock 23 mag in a glock 32?

Yessir. They should be compatible. the only difference is in the stamping on the back side of the mag, some have said that the follower is different, but I dont know about that.

Where can you legally shoot a Glock firearm in the US?

There are many shooting ranges, both indoor and outdoor, that may allow you to use their facilties; you can also try joining a local pistol or shooting club that can give free or subsidised access to such facilities, or further advice on where to go to pursue your hobby.

What government agency use the Glock?

Off of the top of my head: The US Marshals The FBI The BATFE The DEA (depending on the part of the country) The other agencies use Sig's and H&Ks.

Can a Glock fire like a machine gun?

No. All Glock models available to normal civilians are semi-automatic. The Glock 18 however, is a fully automatic 9mm handgun. It is only available to military, law enforcement, and individuals with a class three weapons permit.

What is a Glock gun?

Glock is an Austrian Handgun manufacturer who developed a pistoldesign in the 1980's in answer to the Austrian Armies request for anew service pistol. Prior to entering the pistol business, Glockmade items using plastics and polymer's They designed a pistol thathad a polymer frame and trigger, but s ( Full Answer )

Where does the last name Glock come from?

The name Glock comes from Gaston Glock, who founded the company. The model number.. it's based on whatever method Glock chooses for categorisation.

Does a Glock 31c come in od green?

Glock has stopped manufacture of all coloured frames. Although it really has yet to present itself as an issue, the introduction of foreign elements to the polymer (such as pigmentation) compromises the integrity of the polymer, and can lead to premature wearing and breakdown of the polymer. What I ( Full Answer )

What is a used Glock 27 worth?

Your best answer may be to visit one of the on-line firearm auction sites, such as, or Search for CLOSED auctions in the past 90 days, Glock 27, and see what they have recently sold for. Other resources include the Blue Book of Gun Values, and the Gun Trader's Guide.

What Glock gun is best?

The one that's best is the one which is best suited to your needs. If you have small hands or are looking for a concealed carry piece, the Glock 21, for example, is probably not your best choice, and the Glock 26 would probably be a much better choice for you. The standards of manufacture are the sa ( Full Answer )

When was a glock 18 pistol used?

It's probably seen more use in Hollywood and private ranges than it has actual operational service. It was developed at the request of the Austrian counterterrorist forces. Whether it's seen any use with them or with any other such force has not been documented.

Why was Glock 18 pistol used for advantage?

The advantage to a Glock 18 is the fact that it is fully automatic. However, the advantage offered by the full auto feature can be very easily diminished by its tendency towards muzzle climb, and its excessively high rate of fire, which can dump out a magazine much too quickly for all but the most ( Full Answer )

Is the glock 18 used in Afghanistan?

Without being able to say for certain, I will say that it's doubtful. The range is too short, it's too difficult to control on full auto, the rate of fire is much too high for any practical use, and it's a pistol, as opposed to a submachinegun, which is a much more stable platform.

Can the Glock 32 barrel be used in the Glock 19?

No, only if you switch the entire slide. It can be used the other way around however. You can place a G19 barrel into a G32 pistol, and use 9mm, you would also have to use the G19 magazines.

Does the US military issue Glock pistols?

The Air Force did issue them to pilots at one point, although I don't know if they're still in use, or if they were replaced with the FN 5.7 as announced.

Why does my Glock 19 have a usa marking and not austria?

If I were to take a guess as to why you have one in the Philippines with US markings.... If it's a service issue weapon, probably because it was delivered through a US military/law enforcement aid programme. When such funds are distributed from the US government, it's usually with a stipulation that ( Full Answer )

Who first used the Glock 8?

Glock never made a model 8. You may be thinking of the Glock 18, their only full-auto handgun, which was developed from the 17 for Austria's "Cobra" counter-terrorism unit.

Can a glock 26 magazine be use on glock 23?

No. Because a Glock 26 is chambered in 9mm, as a Glock 23 is chambered in .40 s&w. For example you can use a Glock 22 (full size) in Glock 23 (compact) and in Glock 27 (sub-compact) But you cannot use Glock 27 mags in Glock 23 or Glock 22.

Where in the us are glocks made?

They're not. They're made in Austria, and imported into the US. To be able to meet the criteria for import into the US under the Gun Control Act of 1968, they are shipped with rather fragile adjustable sights, which are replaced with US made fixed sights once they're received by the importer.The glo ( Full Answer )

What ammo does a Glock 23 use?

.40 S&W with JACKETED bullets. The polygonal rifling in a Glock does not mix well with lead bullets.

What is the best grain to use for Glock 19 gun?

Assuming you mean bullet grains, which is how most preloaded ammo is categorized, the answer is going to depend on what you intend to use it for. Generally, the 124 grain JHPs are a good all around choice. The 115 gr bullets are OK for hunting small animals or just plinking.

Who uses the glock 21?

The Glock 21 is a full-sized pistol chambered for .45 ACP. The Glock series of pistols and semi-automatic/automatic pistols are popular in the military and pop media. Some films that include the Glock 21 are : Dawn of the Dead (2004), Hostage, Fracture and 30 Day of Night. Dawn of the Dead: C.J (p ( Full Answer )

Which gun is better a glock or walther p99?

depends on what glock if it is a 9mm i would go with the walther but if it is a 40 s&w then i would go with that glock 9mm are proven not to kill as good as other handguns and maybe not kill at all for home defense but for fun take the walther p99

Can the glock 22 barell be used in the glock17?

No, the Glock 22 barrel has an outside diameter that is larger than the hole in the front of the Glock 17 slide. your safest option is to buy a Glock 22 and a 9mm conversion barrel for the 22 slide. Then with the correct magazines you could use either 9mm or .40 S&W in a single frame and slide.

What is the difference between glock US and glock austria?

The companies, or the firearms? Glock USA is an importer. Since Glock pistols cannot be shipped as is due to the provisions of the Gun Control Act of 1968, they have to be shipped with adjustable sights in order to be importable. Glock USA receives the pistols, removes the adjustable sights, and rep ( Full Answer )

When was the first Glock 22 manufactured?

Glock first introduced the G22 .40 caliber pistol in 1990. Today it is the most commonly carried sidearm for police offers in the United States of America.

What bullets are used in the glock pistol?

Glock pistols are made in a variety of calibers. Currently available in .380 ACP, 9mm Luger, .357 Sig, .40 S&W, 10mm Auto, .45 ACP and .45 GAP.

Which gun is better a glock or a shotgun?

That's like asking if you'd rather have a car or a scoop of icecream. Glock GmbH is an Austrian-owned manufacturer of handguns whoproduces several models for various purposes. There are many, many companies that build shotguns and thousands ofvariations. There is no way to answer this question wi ( Full Answer )