How come it takes longer for something that has been in the freezer to melt?

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The freezer is kept colder than the fridge. Mine says recommended temp for freezer is 0°F and 37°F for fridge.
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Why would snow melt in your freezer?

Answer . It shouldn't! Your freezer is too warm! It should be set below 0 °C (32 °F) and therefore snow should not melt inside of it.

How do you keep ice from melting without a freezer?

Insulate it as much as possible from heat sources, the more layers of insulating material used the better. I think the more layers of insulation and a contaor it could probley work.

Why does an ice cube melt out of the freezer?

because in a freezer its really cold so the ice cube freezes andwhen you take the ice cube out the freezer it melts because it ishotter outside the freezer. (there is a change in temperature) :)It booms into water if it gets too warm

Why does a big pile of snow take longer to melt than a smaller pile of snow?

The amount of time required for a pile of snow to melt is proportional to the amount of snow. This is because a bigger pile of snow needs more amount of heat to melt. A smaller pile can get enough heat in a short period of time.. So next time you make a snowman, make sure you make a huge one, so th ( Full Answer )

Why are the items in a home freezer melting but the refrigerator section is freezing?

Re: Refrigerator Cooling Problems (General) DISCONNECT POWER (UNPLUG) I am not responsible for your injuries; contact a qualified service technician if you are uncertain about any of these suggestions. The first thing to do is to take a flexible hose of appropriate diameter and blow out the con ( Full Answer )

Do glow sticks glow longer in when kept in the freezer?

Yes, although not as brightly. The cooler temperature slows the rate of reaction in the stick. the most it will last is one week, but it only looks good for about 4 or 5 days, if you play with it for an hour each night.

What will take the rotten smell out of a freezer?

Fill a bowl with Bicarbonate of soda and leave it in there. It is great for absorbing smells. Answer Thoroughly clean the freezer and rinse, using baking soda and water. Then leave a bowl of coffee (grounds, unused) to help diffuse the smell. If you close the door, make sure the freezer is coo ( Full Answer )

Why does an ice cube melt when outside of the freezer?

when the ice cube is taken out of the freezer the warm air or the climate change will have the effect to make it melt because when the ice cube freezes its in a very cold climate at about 32 degrees or cooler and when warm air hits what ever was cold it heats up and it melts it back to its regular ( Full Answer )

How long would it take for something to come with no shipping and handling?

It would take about 1-7 days depending on website some websites with cheap or free shipping and handling like on websites like all4cellular it would take about 1-3 depending on where you live but i prefer you pay the shipping if it asks you if you want free shipping because if its free 40 percent of ( Full Answer )

Why do ice cubes melt when they are place outside the freezer?

This is because the freezing/melting point of water is 0 degrees celsius(i think that's 32F but you'll have to check). Your freezer is below this temperature and so the water changes phase and turns solid. When back outside the freezer the ice will take in thermal energy and "thaw" and revert back t ( Full Answer )

How do you keep a ice cream from melting with no freezer?

Well I had an ice cream stand this summer and didn't have a freezer so I put ice in my wagon and put a bunch of umbrellas on top and poured cold water on toip of them and suprisingly it actually kept the ice cream cold the whole entire day!

Hypothesis of How do you keep ice from melting without using a freezer?

Place it into a high-compression-chamber and raise it to a pressure where it changes to one of its higher temperature forms. This of course takes an incredible amount of pressure and the equipment needed would be far more expensive than a freezer. Another Perspective: Place the ice to be conse ( Full Answer )

Why does food keep longer in a freezer than a fridge?

When you put food/microbes in a cold place, it slows down the bacteria growth. The colder the place, the slower the growth. Once you get to -18 degrees Celsius (average freezer temperature), bacterial action stops and food can be kept for up to 3 months because the bacteria are small (as their growt ( Full Answer )

Why does boiling water take longer than melting ice?

The reason that melting ice usually happens faster than boiling water is because water is one of the few things that stays hard even though it is really close to its melting point (32 degrees Fahrenheit) freezers usually stay around 0 to 20 degrees so it only has to raise around 10 degrees to start ( Full Answer )

Why does meat remain unspoiled for a longer time in a freezer?

Foods such as meat stay 'fresh' longer in the freezer because the cold temperature in the freezer reduces the amount of bacteria that can grow on the food, as well as, in some cases, reducing the rate at which the food ripens.

Where did ice come from when there was no freezers?

they just used insolated boxes to keep their ice frozen and their food cold. actually a man would stop by with big bags of ice asking you how many you would like to buy for your ice box because obviously they melt. kinda like a milk man. im not sure where he got the ice from in the first place thoug ( Full Answer )

Why does the warm air not melt the food when its kept in the freezer?

The food is a solid and won't melt under normal circumstances even when taken out of the freezer. It would have to be pretty hot to melt a chicken, but by then we'd all be dead. And when you unfreeze something from the freezer you're only melting the frost on the outside and slightly warming the ite ( Full Answer )

Do antibiotics last longer in freezer?

That will depend on the antibiotic, but the short answer is the antibiotic will likely be destroyed by being placed in a freezer. The ice crystals that will form will break up the antibiotic and render it ineffective.

Why do ice cubes melt into a glob in the freezer?

Do you mean "why does water freeze into globs in the freezer?" If not, you probably either need a new freezer, or you need to make the temp. in the freezer lower so they dont melt.Most freezers have either a knob that you can turn on/in them or instructions in a manual on how to change the temp.

Will carbonated drinks take longer to melt than water?

No. Carbonated will melt in a shorter time than water. Carbonated drinks have dissolved carbonic acid in them, which will lower the freezing point. (This is similar to how adding salt to ice makes it melt at a lower temperature.) So, if two solutions are frozen at the same temperature and then tha ( Full Answer )

Why do sand take longer to melt ice then salt?

The reason why it takes sand to melt ice longer than salt does, is because salt draws or absorbs the moisture in the ice faster than sand that just has a rough texture. Yes, there is salt particles in sand but not as much as normal salt by itself.

How long does it take freezer to get cold?

It depends what you mean by 'cold' ! Most modern freezers can reach their working temperature of minus 18 degrees Celsius, in about an hour.

What one takes longer melting or evaporation?

The speed of both melting and evaporation depends upon the substance in question (you are probably thinking about water) and the temperature at which these phase changes are taking place. My own observation is that melting is usually faster than evaporation.

Why do ice cubes melt when they are not in the freezer?

When ice is left outside the freezer, it absorbs the heat out of the air. As long as the air, surface, or liquid in question is warmer than the ice, the ice will eventually melt. That is how ice works in a drink. The drink transfers its heat to the ice, and as the ice absorbs the heat, it melts. Ice ( Full Answer )

Does an ice cube on a plate take longer to melt than in a cup?

The rate at which an ice cube melts depends on how quickly heat istransferred to it from the surroundings. I wouldn't expect muchdifference between the two situations, but if there is one I'dexpect the one in the cup to melt more slowly. That's because theair around the cubes will get cold and the s ( Full Answer )