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painless lump at the base of the neck is the symptom of infection or muscular inflammation

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Q: How come my neck has a painless lump at the base of the neck?
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What is the hard painless lump at the base of your neck?

The lump on the back of your neck would be a part of your spine.

Why does my neck have a painless lump at its base?

I don't know why! Go to a doctor!

What is a painless lump on the base of the neck?

Well it depends: I have a painless lump on the base of my neck but that's part of my spine! I'm guessing it is the same for you. But if you're really worried and think it is something different, then you should seek out a doctor's advice.

What could you a small painless lump be on your right side of neck?


Painless lump on side of neck?

If you are worried about the lump on your neck then please go visit a doctor. A doctor will be able to help you much more than anyone here.

What could a painless lump on the right lateral side of neck about marble sized be?

Probably a lymph node.

What could a large painless lump be that is located in the back of the head by the base of the neck?

It sounds as if it could be a growth. You need to consult a physician, who may recommend that the lump be removed by surgery. (It's usually a simple, minor operation), tumor

What is a hard small lump on the neck that has an odor to it but is painless?

It could possibly be a cyst. Consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

What is a lump at the base of the back of your neck that causes loss of mobility and neck and shoulder pain?

a cyst?

What could a sudden painless large lump under the skin on the lower right front of the neck be?

It could be a growth, so have a doctor examine it.

Lump on the back of your neck it come and goes?

Could be a lymph node.

What can a neck lump be?

a turtle neck

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