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How come police rarely use airplanes for air support?

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because helicopters are more manuverable and can hover where an airplane would have to do fly overs and the suspect could escape


You can't land an airplane in the police station parking lot, and you can't use one to recover an injured officer.

The first answer is correct with the addition of, not just being able to hover, but being able to fly at any speed down to that point, as well as being able to have a different heading from direction (i.e. fly 'sideways'). Most importantly, FAA regs allow helicopters to fly closer to the ground (500 vs 1000 ft).
Police helicopters do not land in 'the parking lot' and an air ambulance would be used for an injured officer, but only AFTER the scene was secured and/or the patient transported to a suitable landing site.

2009-11-03 22:47:22
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Q: How come police rarely use airplanes for air support?
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