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How come police swat teams do not use tanks?

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Tanks are slow. Their swat vans get to the scene quicker. Plus, can you imagine the pandemonium if a tank came rolling down a public road? People would think WW3 started. Tanks are also more expensive to operate, it would be a bad financial decision for any police department to use them when they are not cost effective.


Also, tanks aren't effective in urban environments, which are the major area of operations for most SWAT-type teams. Armies, quite aside from police, have found armoured operations limited in urban and built-up areas. Armour is more suited to open countryside. It's worth noting too that tracked vehicles cause significant damage to tarmacadam and concrete roadways, and they generally need to be towed, usually behind a dedicated "tank transporter" to the required location- they are generally too slow, use too much fuel, and can suffer from mechanical problems if required to move long distances under their own power.

2013-06-11 14:22:37
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What are Police special weapons and tactical teams are popularly known as?

SWAT teams.

Do the fire marshalls have swat teams and air support like the regular police?


What formal teams are in the police force?

There are a variety of formal teams within the police force. Some of these include the canine unit, the SWAT team, police detective and criminal investigator, helicopter patrol, street crime and gang unit, as well as internal affairs.

Will community policing result in the demise of swat teams?

Unlikely. As long as there are specially threatening criminals, special reaction police teams will be needed.

Is there a cheat for the guys on the street to be the swat and FBI an cars to be FBI trucks and swat tanks?

no you can not

Can you be a sniper in swat?

If you join the police in a city that has SWAT.

What are the differences between a swat team and normal police?

SWAT teams are highly trained police officers that have the right to breach any one property in order to protect the greater good of the society. Normal police also protects the greater good of the society, but their area is limited only to regular crimes.

Does a SWAT member still have to do police patrols?

SWAT members still perform regular police work like patrols

What does SWAT stand for in police work?

SWAT is an acronym for Strategic Weapons And Tactics.

Who arrives first the police or swat if you steal a gun?


How can I become a member of a SWAT Team?

In order to be on a SWAT team, you must be a police officer. SWAT Team members are selected from the ranks of police offiers and given specialized training by their department.

How can you join swat?

You start by joining the police then when you have proved yourself there you apply for SWAT training.

Why was swat made?

the swat was made because the police could not handle the amount of terorists .so they made the swat team . the swat was made to rescue hostages.

Does a SWAT team member get paid the same as a police officer?

In a majority of cases, the salaries of SWAT members are the same as those of regular police officers.

How do you get a tank in gta vice city on the tablet?

To get a tank, get 5-star wanted rating. Then the police force, SWAT team, helicopters and army tanks will follow you. Get inside on of the tanks and enjoy your new vehicle. There are also some cheat codes to get it, but that's not fun.

How much do you get paid for swat?

SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) teams are usually made up of experienced officers with special skills that suit them to the unconventional activities of the teams. Since the starting salary for most medium-sized police departments is in the $40,000/yr. range, we could expect the more experienced officers of a SWAT unit to be making $60,000 and up, depending on the department, their rank, and time in service.

What does SWAT from the police mean?

Special Weapons and Tactics.

Did Chuck Norris use real SWAT teams in his movies?

No, he does not.

Does Canada have a swat team?

Yes, Canada has several SWAT teams (or speciatly unit squads) located across Canada.

What are the release dates for Police Quest SWAT 2 - 1998 VG?

Police Quest SWAT 2 - 1998 VG was released on: USA: 30 June 1998

In FBI SWAT do the agents maintain special agent investigative work in addition to their special weapons and tactics work or is SWAT their new full time job?

There are three levels of tactical teams in the FBI: the Hostage Rescue Team (HRT), the 11+ regional Enhanced SWAT Teams and the field office SWAT teams. The HRT is the national team and a full-time commitment. When they are not deployed, they are training. Every field office has a local SWAT team which is a part-time commitment in addition to the agent's normal investigative duties. The enhanced SWAT teams are somewhere in between, with more training and commitment than the local teams, but still not full time. The agents still have normal case duties.

How do you become a SWAT officer?

SWAT officers first take police officer training, and then are specially trained as tactical officers.

How do you get in the swat team?

By joining online or asking the police department.

What are other local authorities?

the police, swat, paramedics and firemen

What is full form SWAT police?

Special weapons and tactics