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Because the storyline calls for it.


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I understand your problem as my husband doesn't like peel either. It's impossible to be definitive, you just have to read the ingredients, but in general supermarkets' basic ranges have less 'extras' in.

well..that's impossible if she had a son that would be ruined her reputation and her career..

Depending on context, husband can be tanslated as:Mann - general everyday term meaning husbandEhemann - generally only used in legal referencesGatte - formal, somewhat old-fashioned term

I'm sorry, the solution is as hard as splitting an atom! Near impossible!! I'm sorry, the solution is as hard as splitting an atom! Near impossible!!

In most cases, your great grandmother's husband is you great grandfather. However, if he was her first husband and you are descended from a second or subsequent husband, you are not related to him at all. If you are descended from a first husband but he is a second husband, then in general, you would not be related, but if he was involved in raising your grandparent, you might refer to him as a step-great grandfather.

April 1, 1963 what was the actor's name that played Joe on general hospital as vicki's husband?

US Army: General Walter Short US Navy: Admiral Husband Kimmel

Have him talk to a doctor about it, a general practitioner or a urologist.

Husband and wife...or humans in general.

On the wedding day he is the groom and in the marriage in general he is the husband.

Yes, the noun 'husband' is a common noun, a general word for any male spouse.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, or thing. A proper noun for the common noun 'husband' is the name of the husband.If you are addressing a specific spouse as 'Husband', it is considered a proper noun.

If you love your husband, don't let it progress any farther. Explain to the friend that it's impossible, and you would appreciate him cooling it, or you will have to talk about it with your husband. PS: This man is no longer your husband's best friend, although your husband does not know it yet.

The general in charge of army and army air corps at Pearl Harbor was General Shortt. The admiral was Husband Kimmel.

sorry but you can't it's impossible you can sleep and kiss your husband but can;t have kids sorry:(

Kara DioGuardi's husband is teacher turned general contractor Mike McCuddy... they met when Mike was building a house next to Kara's house at Maine...

No, Kristen Bell is not a virgin. Considering she has a son named Lincoln Shepard with her husband Dax Shepard, it is impossible for her to be virgin.

Finding relatives in Scotlandif you know the general area... libraries contain registers of all the people within their general area

A meaningful response is impossible without more information. What was your husband doing with what sort of fish? This dream could be about anything from deep-sea fishing to keeping a tropical fish aquarium to roasting fish on a spit.

US Army: General Walter Short US Navy: Admiral Husband Kimmel

US Army: General Walter Short US Navy: Admiral Husband Kimmel

It Is fact that after the death of her husband- she married a general named Ay. She is believed to have children with him.

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