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there were no Olympics in 1990

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Q: How come there are no women results for the 1990 Olympics?
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What were the ancient greek olympics like?

the ancient Olympics were all about strength. Some city-states were at war so the Greeks needed an Olympics. Women weren't allowed to come to lympia because they had their own festival. They COULDN'T come.

Who won in the marathon race of the 1988 summer Olympics and what country did she or her come from?

Winners of the gold medal in marathon at the 1988 Summer Olympics: Men: Gelindo Bordin, Italy Women: Rosa Mota, Portugal

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The olympics comes from ancient greece. The sportsmen were naked.

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Where do the Olympic Games come from?

The Olympics come from the ancient Greeks way back in 776BC They had competitions (which they had to do nude) and the winner would get a olive branch crown, they did many games and the women weren't allowed in the stadium because of the nudity of men, the reason they had to do it nude was to show they didn't have any weapons or protection, the only event they didn't do naked was the chariot racing and that was the only event women were allowed in the stadium for, the ancient Greeks ended the Olympics in 393AD then at 1896 they started the modern Olympics.

Where did the Olympics come from?

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What type of clothing did people wear in the olympic games in Greece?

The men did not wear any clothes. Because of this, the married women were not aloud to come watch the Olympics If they did, they would be put to death. Single women could attend though.

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