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How come when I signal right my blinker flashes twice as fast as left?

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IT USUALLY MEANS ONE OF YOUR BULBS ON THE RIGHT SIDE ,EITHER FRONT OR REAR ARE BURNT OUT. At least one of the filaments is dying. You need a new bulb. The front bulb, rear bulb, and dash signal lights are connected by a physical timer. How this timer works is that they have two connectors on one side, that has electricity build up. After X milliseconds, enough electricity has been built up, and it arcs across, completing the circuit. This is when all your bulbs blinks. However since one of your bulbs have been "burned out", the electricity that SHOULD have been used to power the bulb, goes straight to the timer, and builds up the electricity faster resulting in a faster number of arcs, which is why you see more "blinks".

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How do you fix a blinker that is blinking twice as fast as the other and bulbs are changed as well as fuses are too?

Replace the signal flasher relay assuming you have physically seen front and rear, left and right signal bulbs flash.

What causes blinker to blink twice as a fast than normal?

Check all of your turn signal bulbs. One of them may be burned out.

What does it mean when the dashboard and outside right turn signal flash twice as fast as normal on a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire?

You need to replace the failed TURN SIGNAL lamp. Select turn signal selector to direction which flashes fast then check which exterior light is out. Go to any auto parts store. The light usually costs under $5 and can be replaced easily.

What causes a 2001 escape passenger front turn signal bulb to not work-except as a running light while the rear flashes twice as fast as normal as a turn signal bulb?

the front bulb needs to be replaced.

How do you change a turn signal flasher unit on a 2002 Audi A6?

I am looking for the same information. I have a 2002 A6 also and my turn sugnal flashes twice and stops. Have you fund out anything yet?

How do you fix a passenger front turn signal in a 98 Altima that doesn't work even when replaced and the dash turn indicator flashes twice as fast?

check for a short if none is found replace the socket.

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lost battery feed

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Left turn signal is flashing twice as fast as right signal 01 Sport Trac why?

usually a fast turn signal flasher indicates that a bulb is burned out. my bulbs are lit up ok my bulbs are working but sometimes it get this lil buzz and neither of the lights will work

Your turn signal on your 2002 Audi A6 blinks twice and then stops how do you fix it?

Replace turn signal flasher

What does it mean when your airbag light flashes once and then twice in sucession?

Air bag code # 12 - lost battery feed

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Why does the right turn signal just light up and not blink on an 89 Chevy Cavalier?

Hey Jesse===Either the front or rear bulb is burned out. Turn the signal light on and change the bulb that is not lit. GoodluckJoe ^^Probably not the problem.^^ I just fixed this same problem in my '85 Cavie today. When an individual bulb burns out the remaining blinker on that side of the car will flash very fast. This is because the blinker relay wants to flash a set number of times per minute. When one bulb burns out the remaining bulb will flash twice as fast to make up for the bulb that is no longer flashing. Now to solve the problem...Remember the blinker relay mentioned earlier. That is where your problem lies. The relay is burnt out and doesn't want to function properly(I'm assuming, if you have the same problem as me, it will blink about twice per minute). So go to the auto parts store and buy a blinker relay(usually under $10 & very easy to replace). Usually a round, or possibly square part about an inch across with two electrical prongs sticking out one side. Then look in your owner's manual for a diagram showing you where it is(It's under the dash in my car. May be different in an '89). Pop the old one out, the new one in, & test blinkers. Should be as simple as that.

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