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there are two elements in a headlight and the high beam part may be burnt out. It happens with people who bought cheap aftermarket lights and also people who leave the high-beams on too often (like back when the headlight covers were popular)

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Q: How come when i click my bright lights the light wont come on but the bright light indicator does?
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Why does my bright light indicator flash when car is running and lights are off?

indicator stalk problem, fit a new or good second hand one to cure

Are dashboard lights and indicator lights the same thing?

no. however your indicator lights are located in your dashboard. dashboard light will light up when you turn your headlights on. Ex. the lights that are illuminated behind your miles per hour needle or behind your fuel gauge. Your indicator light are a lights that come on when your first turn the ignition. these lights indicate when your oil needs to be changed or your fuel is low or your washer fluid is low or the blue light that is illuminated when your headlights are on bright or high beam etc.....most newer model cars are equipped with the indicator lights. hope this is helpful.

I have a 1996 grand marquis and even though the bright light indicator comes on my bright lights wont come on. how do i make them work?

If you are pulling it forward to make the light come on....try pushing outward...

How do you turn on Skoda Fabia lights?

small round diall on drivers side with light symbols then just click back the lever with the light and indicator symbols on it

What is the light that is right below the gas gauge that is 2 arrows?

Sounds like the turn signal indicator lights.Sounds like the turn signal indicator lights.

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daytime running lights

How do you turn on the fog lights on a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer?

Pull out the knob when the lights are on - you should see the yellow fog light indicator light up.

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Why is your 4x4 indicator light not on when you turn the running lights on but when the lights are off it comes on in a 97 ford explorer XL?

Bad earth connectionat light cluster

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Click on the link below Click on Owner Guides The Owner Guide ( which includes pictures and descriptions of the warning lights etc. ) can be viewed online

Why is dashboard indicator light clicking fast but all indicator lights are working slowly?

A fast paced dashboard indicator light usually means that there is a failed bulb somewhere on that circuit. Check all the bulbs including side markers and mirror lights if equipped on that circuit (left/right).

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