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Google: CDR Mooby 2.8

Download it and extract the dll file into \plugins.

1) Run ePSXe.

2) Alt + C -> C or Config -> Cdrom.

3) Select "Mobby2 CD disk image driver 2.8" and click ok.

4) Run MR2 in such way: File -> Run Cdrom. Browse to your img file for MR2.

5) Go to shrine (in-game). When it ask you to change CD, press esc.

6) File -> Change Disk -> CDROM.

7) Choose the img file you want the shrine to read.

8) Change back to MR2 img when your done. File -> Change Disk -> CDROM.

9) Done. Different monsters everytime.

Answer #2:

Use the pSX platform.
the above happened to me when I was still using ePSXe but
when I tried pSX it worked well.
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Its work bro thanks (for ans: 1)

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Q: How come when you use the shrine in Monster Rancher 2 using epsxe it always generates the same monster no matter what iso file you use?
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