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because black people are filthy plantation workers, see what happened when they got off the plantations, Detroit is full of black people and have the highest murder rate?

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How come people are white or black?


How come some people are black and others are white?

I dont get it that God made some people black and some people white

Where do lighter black people come from?

light black people are the result in mixing races with white, black and native american.

Did black folks come from white folks?

"No actual black folks came from africa." Actually white people come from black folks in Africa(a long time ago though).

How come you have back and white people on this planet?

Dont' know but I think the question should read "Black & White People" not back & white people.

Are Chinese people black or white?

No, neither. Chinese come from the much earlier Mongols, and are thus Mongoloid. Black people are negroid, and white/arabic/persian people are Caucasoid, wrongly called, "White".

When will Pokemon Black and White come out in the us?

Pokemon Black and White come out in the U.S. on March 6 2011

When does Pokemon Black and White come out in Washington?

Pokemon Black and White come out March 6, 2011 in Washington.

What does 'Great People Come In White Packages' mean?

I think it means white is better than black

Do dalmatians come in black with white spots?

No, they are white with black spots. As a puppy they are pure white and gain their black eventually.

What is the movie that starts in black and white and goes to color as people sexually come to life?


What year did the black and white jungle book movie come out?

There is no black and white version.

Are black and white colours?

Yes. Black and white are colors. The come in many shades.

Does dawn come back in an episode of Pokemon Black and White?

Yes, Dawn will come back during Pokémon Black and White.

About when does Pokemon Black and White 2 come out?

Pokemon Black and White 2 both come out in the USA on October 7th, 2012.

When will black and white come out?

Pokemon Black and White has already been released world-wide.

What colors does the Dreamcast Console come in?

They come in white and black, although black is somewhat rare.

Do the red white and black nike huarache 2010 shoes come with black and white laces?

No, only white laces.

Why is a black guy black and a white guy white?

well if both of your parents are black or white you will come out the same color if you have patents that are black and white than you would most likely to be mixed

Can holstein cattle be gray and white?

No. They only come in black and white or red and white. Black and white is the most common colouration of Holsteins.

What was martin Luther king Jr's passion?

he wanted change to the world and so white people and black people can come together

What Pokemon game comes out after black and white?

pokemon Black and White 2 will come about july 2012

Does Pokemon Black and White come with a pokewalker?

No, it does not.

Does Pokemon Black and White come with pokewalkers?


What colour are pigs?

Pigs can come in a range of colors from black, pink, white, black and white, brown, brown and white, black white and brown... any color combination that have the colors black, white, brown and pink