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It is because, wikianswers does not answer your questions. Members of wikianswers who volunteer to use the site answer the questions on the topics they are familiar with. Hence there are many questions that are still unanswered.


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Because they don't have the time and knowledge to answer every question themselves.

well, if you write a question on google, there will usually come answers but not always will there come an answer you are looking for :)

Right down every answer to every question you ask. Then take out the main points of every answer. Done!

Yes is is because if you ask a question it will come up as a different question

Come on, come on! Ask the question properly. What country are you talking about?

You are an idiot so dont ask this question!

My mom does not say no to every question I ask her. The real question is "Why does YOUR mom say no to every question YOU ask her?" The answer: Maybe you are asking her for something unreasonable, or maybe she is really stressed out and can't do what you're asking. If she actually is saying no to any question, even in response to something such as "Why is the sky blue?" then there is either something very wrong with her, she is ignoring you, or she is just being very funny.

i ask myself the same question every day

omg...every question i ask has no answer!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you have to put every question I ask on the internet!

every time you talk you have to go to chef

Because it's easier to ask questions on an "answers" site than it is to do extensive research, so some people will ask every question they ever come across.

every time i try to ask u a question you chage my question

Every idiom has its own origin. You need to ask a more specific question to get a specific answer.The answer to this one is - sports idioms come from playing sports.

waz every boby that is on the web in is a good websit to ask question on every thing you need to ask in it is a cool weebsit

You ask the question at "" and someone will come and tell you.

first ask the right question gouse

Basically!!! LOL this website IS PRETTY SKILLED EH??

You have to wait for someone to answer the questions for you.

You can ask a question on Wiki Answers by typing it into the green bar at the top of the website. Just like what you did to ask this question. It should come up with an answer. If not, check there aren't alternative questions that ask the same thing. To do this look under: "Is this your question?" This will only appear if there is not a direct answer to your question.

WHO?! how come you would come to ask such a stupid question like that?!

Probably , except the question "Have you stopped beating your wife?" Yes! Every question has an answer. If you can come out with a question, you can come out with the answer too. There must be a origin to every question and even if you can't find the exact answer that you're looking for, you may try to link to another similar question and it will bring you closer to your desire answer. Keep looking for the exact answer is the answer itself. I personally believe that the question will not exist if it doesn't have an answer to it.

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