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your right half shaft needs to be replaced ,it is covered by a rubber bellow that cinnects to your wheel

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Q: How come you get a groaning noise when you drive forward or turn right at speeds over 25 and not hear that sound when you turn left?
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What would cause aGroaning noise when turning at low speeds in a grand prix?

Check the level of the power steering fluid. A low level or no level of fluid will cause the groaning noise.

What sound hippos makes?

hippo's make a sort of groaning noise and a roaring noise.

What would cause a chirping noise while accelerating coming from the wheel area?

If the chirping noise speeds up as the truck speeds up, check the u-joints in the drive line.

Why does my engine make a loud groaning noise when it warms up?

You have to locate the source of the noise then repost your findings.

What causes a low to high groaning noise in bathroom pipes?

Excessive velocity

What noise does a whale make?

It makes a kind of groaning, but really really deep!

Why would a 1998 Saturn make a groaning noise on left turns and drive like it is in low gear after rotating the tires?

Your front end alignment is out. Take it to a mechanic as soon as possible.

How does the TARDIS sound?

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When turning steering wheel car makes a groaning noise?

mine needed power steering fluid

You have a consistent humming noise coming from the front wheels it is not so noticeable at slow speeds but gets louder at higher speeds you think it might be the wheel bearings it does have 103000 mi?

it would most likely be the bearings but in some cases sometimes the axle make a humming noise when traveling at high speeds.(front wheel drive)

What is it if my car makes a thumping grinding noise at higher speeds?

Rear wheel drive: Possibly a worn universal joint on the drive shaft. Front wheel drive: possibly worn CV joints on the front drive shafts.

What would cause groaning noise when reversing a 1999 Honda Accord EX?

If the Honda Accord makes a groaning noise when reversing the can be caused by bad hub bearings. Hub bearings are what allow the car's wheels to spin, if gone bad they can cause wheels to come fully off the vehicle.

Why does the front axle make a grinding noise when you go forward when the jeep is in fourwheel drive?

more than likely a wheel bearing

What would cause a squeaking noise in a 1991 Toyota Previa front wheel drive when you turn at slow speeds and when shifting at low speeds?

It is possible that the wear indicators for the brake pads are touching the rotor, indicating worn brake pads. They probably make the noise all the time, but at higher speeds, the pitch changes, and there is more road noise, so the problem is less noticeable. Depending on how much you drive, and traffic situations, etc, the noise should get a lot more more noticeable within the next couple of days. You will then have to replace the brake pads, ASAP. If not, the pads will tear up the rotors, and then they too will have to be replaced.

When driving forward you heard a loud crashing noise and suddenly your rear drivers side tire stopped rotating forward It will rotate in reverse though What could be the problem?

IF it is a rear wheel drive vehicle it mabe something wrong with the gears in your final drive...

Why does the AC on a 2000 Monte Carlo make a groaning noise from the engine bay when driving on hot days?

Maybe a bearing in the compressor

What causes a 1993 ford ranger 4 wheel drive extended cab to make a clunking noise in forward and reverse?

Drive shaft play/possible worn/bad ujoints /driveshaft

Which is better to drive a car in drive or overdrive?

for economy and reduced noise and engine wear, use overdrive when road conditions permit as it is a high gear it is unsuitable for lower speeds or where you may need sudden power or accelaration

Toilet flushing creates groaning sound in pipes of hosue?

A toilet flushing that creates a groaning sound in the pipes of a house is usually caused by gas buildup in the lines. As the waste and water pass through, it displaces the gases causing the audible noise.

Do camels moo?

Yes they make a mooing noise. Also moaning and groaning noises. See related link to hear the sound of the camel..

Is rack and pinion gear going bad when car makes grinding and groaning noise when I turn steering wheel?

sounds like a wheel bearing.

2003 Montana ext that makes a groaning noise from the back end when turning left any ideas?

Are you sure the noise isn't in the front. Sounds like a right front wheel bearing,which is a common problem on these vans.

What causes a whistling noise in a 2006 Saturn vue when highway driving speeds get up to 35-40 miles per hour?

drive shaft carrier bearing needs to be replaced

Does low power steering fluid cause groaning noise when turning?

yes it does just go buy a bottle of it and put it in the power terring tank under the bonnet

Why is your car making a groaning noise when you make a hard right?

Tire may be rubbing the fender liner especially if the tires are oversized. Can also be a defective wheel bearing.