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id change the spark plugs and wires, could be worn out not throwing out enough spark

2007-11-01 15:34:27
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Why does 1999 Chrysler Concorde make clicking sounds when starting but if you try again it starts?

sounds like starter solonoid is starting to go out

I have a 97 Jeep Cherokee the Ac fan motor or switch has trouble running. when I turn on the Jeep the fan starts and then stop then starts again I want to fix it before it stops starting again. thanks?

try the fan electric relay. my wife has a 97 Cherokee country and the fan would stay on after the car was shut off until the battery would die. switched that and never happened again.

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1997 jeep tj 40amp maxi fuse for starting circuit keeps blowingreplace fuse starts again but will blow at anytime again have had starter replaced?

Worn or frayed wire to starter?

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When performing chest thrusts, it starts the blood to start flowing again through the body, thus starting the heart up again.

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How to chang spark plugs on 2004 Kia Sorrento?

My sorento cuts out when setting off just after starting the engine. I then try to start it again and eventually it starts?

How long does it take Cymbalta to kick in after going through a Cymbalta withdrawal and starting again?

There is not a time slot to when Cymbalta starts to work. It all depends on the person.

Why would a car start then shuts off right after it starts?

Could be the immobiliser, try disconnecting the battery for 30minutes a then connect it back up and try starting it again!!

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If it starts and stops within seconds and after a few minutes starts again only to stop again, the fuel filter is probably clogged,

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