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I would have to hear the noise to be sure but it sounds like the attery could be weak. The clicking you here may be the starter solenoid trying to engage, but it cant, because of a lack of electrical power. If that is the case, the clicking will probably be a rapid clicking noise, that might sound like a woodpecker. The salanoid switch or the battery could be bad. Also make sure you have good clean tight connections. Sometime you have to disconnect the electric cables and clean them with sand paper. Then reconect them.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-13 18:13:30
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Q: How come your F150 will not start it only clicks when you turn the key?
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Why wont my truck start it only clicks?

Check your battery, it might be dead.

Why won't my jet ski start?

why wont my jet ski start, i put new starter an solenoid in an it still only clicks

Why does 1997 Cadillac DeVille only clicks when you try to start?

sounds like a weak battery or poor connection

2000 Chrysler wont start only clicks?

Have the battery checked. Very likely it has failed and you will need a new one.

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What is wrong with your car it only clicks a lot when trying to start but does start with a jump?

Your battery is not giving enough power to start the car. It may be battery, alternator, voltage regulator or bad cables.

Your 1998 doge avenger wont start but it clicks?

It clicks?What are you talking about clicking? you turn the key to start the car and all it will do is click,click! or when you try to start it it will spin over and then stop and click.! All I can think of if your car battery isn't good enough to start the car and you will get a click or you have a bad starter and it will only click. need more info

Do the 1999 f150 have to have the chip in the key?

without it the security lite will start blinking fast and the motor will only spin over but not crank

When you try to start your ford f250 7.3diesel it only clicks?

clicking when trying to start is usually caused by flat battery check charge in battery if not battery ,you need to eplace starter mptor

Why is your '95 Maxima not starting only hear clicks?

If the battery is bad, you may only hear clicks. It could be the starter, but I would check the charge on the battery first.

Would a 2002 F150 Super Crew cab XLT have come with door lock remote?

only if came with the advance security group

Your 1995 thunderbird 4.3 only clicks and drains power when you try to start it?

u may need your battery charged ask someone to give u a jumpstart

1993 dodge grand caravan doesn't crank to start it only makes clicks once but doesn't start?

A single click when trying to start the engine is usually an indication of a loose battery cable/wire or a faulty starter solenoid/relay switch.

What if your 1979 ford 250 wont start and only clicks?

starter, starter relay, battery, high resistance in batter/starter cabels just a few things that will cause this.

Your 1990 Toyota Camry will not start and it only clicksWhat could this be?

two very good possibilities are the battery, and the starter. its easy to test, just try to jump start it. if it still just clicks it needs a starter. if it starts its probably the battery.

What if your 1996 passport is making a low pitched clicking sound?

if it clicks only when turning check to see if front axles are bad, if it clicks all the time check bearings

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Was there a 1978 f150 highboy?

No. Only up to model year 77.5

Bought a 1988 trans am today drove it home and it died in the driveway and now it will not start found out there was no oil in it and now it only clicks when trying to start it motor have seized up?

if i had a guess i would say yes. try turning the crankshaft pully to make sure

Why does the dome light only come on when the passenger side door is open on a 2007 Ford F150?

The switch on the driver side is either jammed in the closed position, or there's a broken wire.

Your car only clicks once when you try to start engine?

A single click and no response from the starter usually indicates a faulty starter relay/solenoid switch. It could also be a loose connection on the battery cable.

The starter connections are all good but it only clicks once?

Check for a bad engine earth.

Does my 1991 Kawi ZX-11 starter solenoid need replacement if it only clicks when trying to start and starter motor does not turn over?

Most likely. Same thing happend to my ZX7R, if I have the starter button pushed in and hit the relay with the back of a screw driver I can get the bike to start.

Are 89 F150 fenders interchangeable with 95 F150?

no the fenders are not interchangeable. only 87-91 are direct fits for an 89. 92-96 model fenders will fit the 95

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