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on the action replay code maniger, click code junkies, then where is says Pokemon platinum , drag it to my code list

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How do you get all the legendaries in Pokemon platinum?

wait for the event iteme to come to your area or use action replay

How do you get cyndaquil in Pokemon platinum with action replay?

there is no possible way until heartgold and soulsilver come out on march 14, 2010. then trade it to platinum.

Can you use action replay codes for platinum on light platinum it's a hacked ROM of Pokemon Ruby but it has platinum Pokemon so...?

Nope, ur gonna have to use "Pokemon ruby" action replay codes. Light platinum,as u said, is just Pokemon Ruby but with the Pokemon images and names changed. So if u used wild Pokemon modifier, and typed the code for a torchic, a chimchar will come out, just like any other hacked ROM.

What is the Pokemon platinum id action replay no?

if you mean the code that allows the cheats for action replay to work mine is cpue-3811def6 sorry if it don't help much that's all i could come up with.

When is action replay with Pokemon platinum in it going to come out and what year?

It's already out. You can buy one at gamestop, walmart, best buy, ETC.

How do you get the azure flute without the action replay in Pokemon platinum?

Honestly, you cant. The azure flute is really handy, and lots of other advantages like 10 master balls come with the action replay so i suggest you get it

Mew as wild Pokemon pearl action replay code?

wow... just wow... dude... wild Pokemon modifiers come with the action replay...

How do you clone Pokemon in PC in action replay on Pokemon diamond?

all you have to do is press start and select move the pokes and go to a different box come back and there you have it! it dosent work for platinum

Do you break the paintings in Pokemon platinum?

you need arceus,giratina,dialga,and palkia .If you accidentally defeated one of these, action replay will come in handy. good thing i have it!

How do you get kyoger in Pokemon Diamond with action replay?

.Hey!Goooch fake gps, an app can help you virtual positioning. Come on!

Does Pokemon platinum come with action replay codes?

yes because i tried and it worked there are event codes and poke ball codes there all great if you want a easy catch

Action replay cheat to get eevee on Pokemon pearl?

you can get evee without action replay but you have to have space then come to bebe's house the place is where the ghost gym is.

How come when you had your Pokemon platinum in your action replay and you presed start and it went white what does that mean?

Okay this is By A user of action replay that's gone their and done that it could mean It froze Your action replay is Broke. Its Not in all the way If you have to get another then just return it so far in my life ive had 3 but mine broke again so im getting another

How come when you put in Pokemon pearl in the action replay it does not work?

it does. if it doesn't work for you, then your action replay doesn't work and you have to get a new one. I know because it happened to me.

Can you get growlith in Pokemon Diamond?

u have to w8 for a migration to come or get an action replay then get the Pokemon modifier and pokedex cheats.

What cheats for Diamond Pearl and Platinum come with an Action Replay?

Well, it varies depending on your Action Replay. The newer ones won't have the walk/run through anything cheats for some reason.

Is there an action replay code that lets you withdraw pokemon from 'My Pokemon Ranch' that you did not deposit?

Look. The platinum update did not come out yet so just wait a bit and maybe it'll come out soon. But for now you can only use diamond and pearl

Does the action replay DSi come with the cord?

Yes it does, and with the cord you can upgrade your action replay to work for some of the other games like Pokemon Black and White and others !

I entered the game id of Pokemon Platinum to my action replay but it says unwnown game and the codes wont work?

well if you live in us its okay because march 22 2009 Pokemon platinum will come out but if you r using a us AR in japan...it wont work also

How do you obtain professor oaks letter in Pokemon pearl?

By action replay or events that that come rarely

Are there any action replay codes for Pokemon white?

no not yet they should come out July 15

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