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It sounds like a faulty seal, you may need to pull the toilet off the ground and change the seal, they are inexpensive and you can find them anywhere like Home Depot or maybe a place like Walmart. If the seal is broken or not in properly, water will leak from the bottom of the toilet.

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Q: How come your floor is wet from a low water level toilet bowl?
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How do you increase the water level in your toilet bowl when the tank level is full?

does the water level of a sink goes up or down after I submerge a bowl does the water level of a sink goes up or down after I submerge a bowl what controls the water level in a toilet

Water runs out on the floor when toilet is flushed?

Possibly wax ring or toilet tank to toilet bowl gasket.

How do you increase the water level in the toilet bowl?

well, you flush the toilet bowl... but if your reeally aasking, you add water that is in a bucket!! Because of the 'U' bend without some form of blockage the water level in the bowl remains the same

How do you raise the water level in a low flow toilet bowl?

You can't raise the level.

Is Toilet water overflow on floor dirty?

If it is coming from the tank: NO. If it coming from the bowl: YES!

How tall is a handicapped toilet?

17" from floor to top of toilet bowl.

How do you raise the water level in your toilet?

In the tank no problem in the actual bowl YOU Cant

Why does the water level remain the same in the toilet bowl?

Because of the design of the internal trap

What would prevent the water in the bowl of a toilet from completely emptying?

There is not enough water in the tank behind the bowl. Try raising the level of the float valve.

What is the height of toilet paper holder?

most place the holder - depending on the room available next to the toilet bowl itself between 24 and 30 inches from the floor level

Why won't the water level stay in the toilet bowl?

If water is leaving the bowl then there could be a couple of solutions. There could be a partial clog in the sewer lines or vents, causing a vacuum that draws the water out. Cleaning out the lines will fix this. Or the bowl could have a small crack, which will require a new toilet.

What kind of plumbing problem causes a wet floor when toilet is flushed and water is backed up in the shower next to it. The toilet bowl has not refilled but the toilet water reservoir is full.?

Sound like you have a clogged toilet and or a clog in your main drain under your toilet. Shut off water supply to toilet remove water from toilet tank. Puchase a wax ring for your toilet prior to disconnecting toilet from supply line and floor bolt on the right and left of your toilet. Remove toilet from floor if water is standing in pipe under where toilet was this is where your problem lies. If no water or clog present, turn toilet on side and lokk in hole at the bottomof toilet. Clear was is stuck in toilet clean off old wax ring install new one and put toilet back together.

How much water does a toilet bowl hold?

There are many designs and sizes of toilet bowl, but in general they hold about 3 litres of water.

How big is the toilet bowl water slide?

2" or 3" integral trap built into toilet bowl.

What would cause your basement toilet to require 3-4 flushes to empty its contents?

it is below grown level have you checked the level of water in the bowl?if it is not up to maximum level the toilet will not flush properly to check that , fill the bowl slowly with water using a bucket or some other container until the level stops rising then mark this level with a pencil . then flush the toilet and let it refill if the level in the bowl is not up to the pencil mark you need to adjust the fill tube flow . there are two screws on top of the valve one for the tank level and the other for the bowl level good luck

Why would water drain from the toilet bowl?

Water would drain from the toilet bowl if there is a crack in the lower part of the toilet. You would possible see water or signs of damp around the base. There is unfortunately no 'fix' for a crack in a porcelain bowl. If this is the cause then you need anew toilet.

What are the most obvious places that an American standard toilet leaks?

The ONLY places any toilet can leak is between tank and bowl, or between bowl and floor.

How do I Lower water level in toilet bowl?

YOU DON'TIt is pre determined by the seal of the trapBasically when the toilet is designed the volume of retained water at the bottom of the toilet is calculated so that it stops effluent gasses coming back up the stench pipe in to the toilet and also to stop waste that goes down sticking to the bottom of the bowl.

What minerals are in a toilet bowl?

clay used in making the porcelain bowl or the trace minerals that are in the water in the toilet bow.

How does the toilet work?

Depends on what type of toilet your talking about Gravity, pressure assisted, tank and bowl , flushometer?the water level goes up and makes the water go down the siphon and in to the pluming

Why would my toilet bowl empty out?

A toilet that slowly looses all of the water out of the tank or bowl when it has not been used for a log time is experiencing a condition that renders the toilet almost unusable. When you flush a toilet, the water in both the tank and the bowl empty out, only to be immediately replenished with fresh water.

How much water stays in a toilet bowl?

All toilet bowls are simple containers of water, shaped as a U to allow water to remain within and prevent the nasty drain smells from escaping into the room (yuck!)The level of water remaining in the toilet bowl is at exactly the same height as the tip over point at the back of the U.There are two usual reasons why the water level would be lower in the toilet bowl.Firstly because of human interaction (sticking a brush in and agitating the water for example)Secondly due to formation of a vacuum due to incorrect or inadequate venting (this is best left to professionals to assess but essentially means any change in pressure through the drain causes the water to be usually 'sucked' out therefore leaving a low water level in the bowl)

Toilet leaks when sitting bowl empties leaks internal?

If leaking at floor when flushed, wax ring needs replaced. If water leaks between tank and bowl when flushed, tank to bowl gasket needs replaced.

Why does the water in the bowl of the toilet drain when the bath tub is drained?

The tub and toilet connect to the same drain. There is not enough venting or how it is routed causes the tub to pull on the toilet to get venting causing a suction that lowers the water level or may cause it to flush.

Is a toilet bowl a safe source of water during an emergency?

Not the bowl, the tank