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How common is it for a mother who homeschools that she would take tests for her child's diploma with the name of the local high school so he can enroll in a community college?


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October 06, 2008 12:45AM

I hope not common at all - she shouldn't need to take the test for the kid, if he's gotten the education he should, and if he didn't, her falsifying it is going to make it harder on the kid, because when he gets into the community college, he isn't going to be able to handle the work. I homeschooled my child, and she just took a GED and will be going to college in the fall - homeschooling is so much more common than it used to be, not having a diploma with the local school's name on it shouldn't keep the child from getting into college. Call the community college and explain the kid's situation HONESTLY - they should be able to help you - it's FAR better than lying for the child - that shows a pretty bad example for the kid, and will only create problems for them (or yourself) later. I agree, and hope it is very rare for this to happen. I seriously doubt it is common, and cannot comprehend the reasoning behind the action. An educational institution will require a student's transcripts not just a diploma. It would seem obvious if a student is not capable of doing his/her own work at the high school level; they certainly will not be able to handle college courses even at a "junior" or community college. It would appear to be a waste of one's time and efforts, not to mention the financial aspects involved. This is not common at all. Moral issues aside, any kind of official testing is done at a facility and monitored by state certified staff on scheduled dates and times. SAT's, GED's, and other official testings are not just handed out at the kitchen table while mom watches on.