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How communication takes place?

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Communication takes place in many ways in the modern age. Much communication takes place via electronics and social media, but the best communication is still physical and verbal.

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The type of communication within ourselves?

Communication that takes place within ourselves is intrapersonal communication.

When that communication takes place?

it is when you have to say something to others :)

What is the context of communication?

this may refer to the general senario or situation in which communication takes place

Internal and external communication?

Internal communication refers to the communication that takes place within people of different level within a company. On the other hand, external communication takes place in exchanging messages of a company to another organization in an informal way.

What is computerised communication?

This is when communication takes place electronically. it isa lso a very quick form of interacting with people. This type of communication can take place in minutes.

Who bears the responsibility for communication actually taking place?

The person who wishes to initiate said communication is primarily responsible for ensuring the communication actually takes place.

What do you mean be inhouse communication?

Communication that takes place inside one organisation and that is secret for that company

How does downward communication takes place in communication?

sorry bahi Jan muj ko nahe pata

The communication that takes place in an environment where a conventionalized response is expected is termed?


Examine critically the salient features of the definition of mass communication that set it apart from other forms of communications?

Mass communication is different from other forms of communication in that it all takes place in public, even if its participants are never in the same room with each other. Reciprocal one-on-one communication is not possible in mass communication, except if it takes place in front of an audience.

What is the term given to the communication that takes place in an environment where a conventionalized response is expected?


How does language contribute to the effective communication in the work place?

Almost all communication, in the workplace or any other place, takes place by means of language. There is only so much you can say by means of a facial expression.

What is the difference between internal and external communication in business organisation?

1.Internal communication denotes a type of communication within the organisation. This is also known as inter-communication. When the inter-communication takes place between the employees of the same department, it is called inter-departmental communication and when it takes place between the employees of different departments of the same organisation, it is called infra-departmental communication. The internal communications, includes letters, memos, notices, instructions and orders. 2.The communication between the organisation and the outsiders is called external communication. External communication is needed for smooth conduct and the progress of the business. This form of communication takes place through personal visits, telephones and postal services. The external communication includes acknowledgement, enquires, tenders, meetings, conferences and notices

How communication takes place between two transmitting receiving antenna?

what is ment by rhetorical norms

What takes place a signal travels from one animal to another and the receiver of the signal responds?


What are the things that effective communication takes into consideration?

Effective communication takes into account social and professional communication and protocol.

How does communication take place?

In cellphones, communications takes place via radio waves to a satellite, or via an underground cable network.

How and when does communication take place?

The communication process is as follows: * a message is conceived and the medium(the means by which it will be sent)and the content of the message is thought of. * The message travels through a medium to the receiver * The receiver receives the message * The receiver replies to the message (feedback) After these steps are carried out then communication takes place.

Is NASDAQ an ecn?

NASDAQ is an exchange. An exchange is a place where transactions takes place (Buy/Sell). ECN is an electronics communication networks and is completely different to an exchange.

What communicates directly with hardware?

The operating system of a computer is something that communicates directly with the hardware. This communication takes place through drive programs.

Definition of minutes in business communication?

the record maintain by any organization whenever any meeting or any important process takes place.

What takes place in the mitochondria and chloroplasts?

Photosynthesis takes place in chloroplast.Respiration takes place in mitochondria.

When does resperation takes place?

This takes place in the mitochondria.

When does the novel Stormbreaker takes place?

The novel takes place in London, England. It is not known when the story takes place.

What is the difference in interpersonal communication and business communication?

Business communication takes on a different tone. The tone of being serious, of handling things that are

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