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Don't worry. Worry will not make the past go away. I too drank (I think several beers) before I realized I was pregnant with two of my children and they were just fine - of course I did not drink after I realized I was pregnant, but I did consume a pretty good amount at the beginning. Everyone is different, but I don't think you need to worry about a one-time incident (or even two) just as long and you abstain from this time on.

Pretty low. My doctor said that in the first few weeks alchol consumption usually ends up having no effect on the baby, or causing such serious complications that you miscarry early on. If you've made it past your first trimester, chances are you'll deliver a healthy baby :)

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Q: How concerned should you be about FAS if you found out that you consumed alcohol after you had conceived but were unaware you were pregnant at that time?
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