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yes it's very possible store bought pregnancy test can be inaccurate it says on most of the boxes in the store the doctors test is the best test it will give an accurate sign of whether you are or aren't so yeah it's very possible sometimes those test have been sitting on the shelves for forever so you have to get the second opinion at home tests are more likely to give a false negative result if you dont get your period as you usually do go back to your doctor and have them do another test if its still negative and you are still thinking that your pregnant get them to do an ultrasound and see whats really going on sometimes you can be pregnant but your hcg levels aren't increasing as they should which is a sign of an unhealthy pregnancy...hope everythign works out for the best Good Luck and God Bless!!! It may be you had a very early miscarriage, it is thought that this is very common, but not noticed because it has only recently been possible to do a pregnancy test before a missed period.

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Q: How could a home pregnancy be positive but two days later you get your period and a blood test from the doctor be negative?
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Is it normal to get a positive pregnancy test and then a negative and a period and continued spotting?

No. It is possible that you may have miscarried. Go and see your doctor

If you had a positive pregnancy test but had your period for to months what is that?

Go to the doctor.

Can you have a positive pregnancy test then a negative pregnancy test and light period and still be pregnant?


You took a pregnancy test 3 days ago and it was positive now you took it again and it says negative which is true negative or positive?

You should probably go to the doctor and take an official test and keep up with your period :\

I have had two positive pregnancy tests then I did one today and it was negative?

After 8 weeks without a period, you are likely to be pregnant; at that time make an appointment to visit your doctor.

No signs of pregnancy but missed period and have positive result of pregnancy test?

not everyone has sighs of pregnancy, that's why pregnancy is very tricky but if u missed a period and your pregnancy test is positive pretty much your pregnant but if your still not sure contact your doctor

If you have not gotten your period in 3 months?

If this is unusual for you and you have been sexually active, you should take a pregnancy test. If the result is positive, you need to see your doctor. If it is negative, you should also see your doctor.

Can you have a period straight after a implantation bleeding?

A true period after a positive pregnancy test could be a sign of miscarriage. If you had a confirmed pregnancy call your doctor.

If your period is 5 days late and you've had one faint positive on pregnancy test but 3 negative results are you pregnant?

if your concerned go see a doctor its as simple as that.

If you have symptoms of pregnancy such as light headed and dizzy but still get a light period with cramps after one week of discharge can you be pregnant?

Hello there. Yes you can be pregnant. I would do a pregnancy test this week. If the test is faint positive or dark positive - see your doctor for confirmation. If the test is negative see your doctor for a blood test.

Can you be pregnant if you have all the symptoms but had your period and home pregnancy test showed negative?

Hello! If you had a normal period and a negative pregnancy test, you wont be pregnant. Yes you can have a negative pregnancy test. A Clinic can do a simple blood test to be a 100 percent positive. Also, some women have had period symptoms and pregnancy at the same time.If you get your period and negative test it is 99% that you are not pregnant all the best!

You had a positive pregnancy test a couple days later had a heavy period?

If you had a positive pregnancy test then had a heavy period a couple days later, you may have had a miscarriage. If this happens, you should consult a doctor.

Can you still be pregnant if you had an irregular period and you have symptoms of pregnancy but a pregnancy test was positive then took another one and it was negative?

It is very rare that a pregnancy test would come up positive if you weren't pregnant, because it detected HGC in your urine. In most cases if a HPT is wrong it comes up negative. If your period was irregular and you had a positive result you are most likely pregnant. I would try another test, or go see a doctor and request a blood test.

Can your period give you a positive test result on a pregnancy test?

ask a doctor weirdo.!

You took a pregnancy test and it came out positive you are also almost 2 months late on your period is this a phantom pregnancy?

If your pregnancy test is positive then most likely you are. You would be more likely to get a false negative rather than a false positive. If you are unsure, you can request a beta HCG test from your doctor. This will measure the HCG hormone in your blood system which is an indicator of pregnancy. The pregnancy test is positive and you haven't had a period in two months. I see nothing to indicate that this is a 'phantom' pregnancy other than maybe wishful thinking. I've been told that the home test kits may give a false negative, but that they never indicate a false positive.

My Last period was 6152010 took pregnancy test after i didnt start in July and it was negative took 5 in august and was positive?

Go to the doctor it sounds like you could be pregnant.

What can cause a negative pregnancy test if you have symptoms of pregnancy?

Symptoms of pregnancy are a positive pregnancy test and missing period. If you have other symptoms, see your health care provider.

How accurate is a pregnancy test after 3 days late for period?

A pregnancy test can give u a false negative but not a false positive.

You had your period last month but it only lasted a day and a half you did do a pregnancy test and it came up negative now this month you are 4 days late you have sore breasts and cramps please help?

take another test, and if negative, go to your doctor. also, if positive, go to your doctor.

What if you take a pregnancy test and its negative but you think you have pregnancy symptoms?

You should consider waiting for your period or just go to the doctor to check it out

You have all the pregnancy symptoms and no period but the home pregnancy test was negative Could I be pregnant?

Well, since you have had ALL the pregnancy symptoms and no period, you could be pregnant! But since your home pregnancy test was negative you couldn't be pregnant. You may want to go to your doctor and ask him if you are pregnant.

What if you have and irregular period when should you take a pregnancy test?

If you "feel pregnant" take the test once at least 1 well before your next period. Then if its negative wait a week if you miss a periods take it again! If you get a false negative with no period following consult your doctor. But if its positive your pregnant! I took 7 dollar tree test all positive! Everyone says they don't talk work so I kept trying then told my dr she says that a home pregnancy test will only be positive if it detects the pregnancy hormone hcg. That there is no insurance of a false positive, just a false negative! & if something doesn't feel right always listen to your body because of ectopic pregnancy and a chance

What if your 14 and You missed your period and you have signs of pregnancy but your pregnancy test failed what else could it be?

i would take another one like a week before your next missed period and if it comes out negative or positive either way you should go and see a doctor for a blood test

Could you be pregnant without missing a period and with negative pregnancy test result?

A positive pregnancy test and missed period are generally considered the standard in determining a pregnancy. If you are still concerned that you might be pregnant your doctor can do a blood test that is more sensitive than the standard home pregnancy tests. This should put your mind at ease once and for all.

What does it mean when your pregnancy test is negative but still no period?

If you took a pregnancy test and it come out negative your not pregnant you should see your doctor because you might be going though menopause.