How could a schoolboy ask a schoolgirl out?

1. You could just walk up and give them a note in the hall, beginning of class, or after school. Just tell them, read it. Smile. (this only works if your sure they have some interest in you)

2. If you have their e-mail or instant messaging screenname then do that. A couple of guys have asked me out on IMing and it was waaaaayyyyy less embarassing for them if i said no.

3. Call them! It's classic, just stay calm. Most likely another family member will answer the phone so just say, "Hi, This is _____ is _______ there?"
Ask them if they wanna go to a movie on _____ night.

4. You could of course just ASK them! Perferable when they're alone, or around not that many people. In the library, in a class you have with her, anything like that. Just say somethin like, "I was wondering if maybe we could go to a movie sometime?" (only ask after you have a conversation or something along the lines of a conversation)

These are some ways guys have asked me out and how I've asked them out, and I'm in Jr. High.

Definetly start with a movie. You just get comfortable being near each other. Don't try the whole, yawning, putting your arm over her thing. Instead of that just try to hold their hand, it doesn't make girls think your a typical, average guy that hides his feelins and stuff.

Good luck!!!