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The practical side was very simple. One went along to the nearest recruitment centre. I just wonder, however, whether you mean 'how could people enlist' from a moral point of view, or something like that. If so, please indicate. It would also be helpful to say which country or countries you have in mind. In the European countries (except Britain up to 1916) military service was complusory for most able-bodied adult men.

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Q: How could people enlist to fight in World War 1?
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Why did the men in World War 1 enlist?

Well for their country, but most of the men were forced. if you declined you will probably have got thrown out of the village or even killed. people were also forced to fight. the ones that wanted to enlist were probably teken in by prpoganda.

What best describes how the North and South enlisted their armies during the Civil War?

The Southern army was not as organized as the North. The North had special stations where people could enlist. They also had a set age that you had to be to enlist in the army (without much effect). The South was much less organized. In the South as long as you could hold a rifle you could join the army. There were no booths where you could enlist. To enlist all you had to do is go to a military camp or base of operations and tell them you wanted to fight. Then they would hand you a rifle and some gear and you were off to battle.

Who does menelaus enlist to help him fight the war?


Why did people refuse to enlist and fight in the civil war?

I Don't Know. Too Many Deaths Of Loved Ones.

Why did African- Americans enlist to fight in the civil war?

Because they were trying to fight for their freedom.

Why did people fight and who did they fight for?

There could be any answer to this.

Did teenagers fight in World War 2?

Yes some people falsified information to enlist. But the major ones I can remember are the japans youth near the end and the hilter youth near their end.

Why did white southerners from all classes enlist to fight Yankees?


Why did African Americans want to enlist during the civil war?

The civil war was about slavery so aferican Americans would enlist to fight for their freedom

What was Germany going to do with all the soldiers from the Eastern Front now that they no longer had to fight the Russians?

Enlist them to fight on the side of Germany?

Does peace make the world right?

yes if people could just get it in there flippen heads that yew should not fight.....

Why did black men enlist in the Civil War?

North - To free balcks South - To fight

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