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How could water get into your car on the floor of the driver's side?

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Vacume up all the water, even in the matting underneth, dry it completely dry towels will pick most of what is left after vaccuming, then dry it in the hot sun for a day so real dry. Then get in the car and have someone with a water hose run osts of water over all the suspected areas if no water enters then tray running your A/C on high for 20 minutes and checking to see if water is coming out of the drain pipe under the car.

I had an Accura 2 years ago with this problem on the passenger side floor it turned out to be three leaks! The moon roof & drain, windshield seal and the body seal between the firepanel and fender apron (car was in anccident but repaired)

Let us not forget clogged sunroof/moonroof drains, improperly grommeted wiring for aftermarket electrical accessories (radio equipment, extra alarms, etc.) corrosion in the floor or fender wells and leaky windshield seals.

3 possibilities,1-the air conditioner has a water drain off hose which could be blocked.2-the heater core could be leaking.3-the windscreen seal could be leakin-only wet when raining

the weatherstripping(the rubber stuff around doors, windshield and such)

i had this problem mate, check the door sill rubber for any holes as it will cause it to leak if not then take off your wing mirror an check the rubber sill behind it as this is a common source that is often over looked.i hope this solves your problem,good luck


I had this problem on my wife's 1998 Chrysler Sebring convertable. It turned out to be the drain holes on the bottom of the chassis, under the door`. The drains fill up with dust and dirt, then when it rains, it turns to mud and clogs the drain holes. I fixed it by using a paper clip, straightened out, and jamming it up into the drains until water ran out. It seems I've had to do this about once a year or so.

. I also had this problem on a Chevy Corsica. Turns out ther was a crack in the firewall so water running off the windshield that normally would be channeled down the body panel found its way into the car and settled on the driver's side floorboard. Once the crack was located, a little rtv sealant fixed it right up.

Could possibly be a leaking heater core as well!! Use a radiator pressure tester to pressure the system, if the pressure drops, look for the leak, or listen, some times leaks can be heard as escaping water/air.

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Water in floor on drivers side 88 Chevy truck?

sounds like it could be a bad heater core. that usually leaks into the passanger side floor.

Where could the water in footwell on drivers side of my Mercedes be coming from?

any leak on your drivers door, or firewall. could be just about anything.

Why is there a puddle of water in my car?

If you have a sunroof, there could be a blockage inthe tubing that usually funnles the water out. I had this happen to me twice and the water ends up in the drivers side back floor mat. Left a window open during thunderstorm?

Why is water leaking into the drivers side floor on your car?

If it's not related to outside weather, then check the drain for your AC condenser.

I have standing water in both the front floor and rear floor of drivers side of my 1996 Chevy.Were would i look to fix it?

The source of the water is probably from faulty or failed window seals surrounding your front & rear windsheilds.

Where is the bright lights switch on 1963 impala?

On the upper left side of the drivers side floor pan.

Where can you get 1980 Camaro floor pans?

i am looking for drivers side floor pan 1980 camaro ---- http://www.classicindustries.com/camaro

Where is the headlight dimmer switch in 1980 Monte Carlo?

Believe they were still on the floor at that time look for a push switch drivers side floor left side. If not then it is on the column

Where is the charcoal canister on a Saturn?

in front of the gas tank, drivers side, bolted to the floor.

Is there a trunk release for a 1995 Saturn SL?

yes.at the door jam between the drivers seat and the drivers side door on the floor.

What could cause water on the passenger side floor on a 1990 Honda Accord after it rains?

It could be a door seal or more likely the windshield is leaking.

What causes water leaks into drivers side?

Is it just water or is there coolent in it. If it's just water than it could be condensation from your A/C. If it has coolent in it than your heater core has a leak in it

Where is water on drivers side of 2003 Chevy Trailblazer coming from?

It could be coming from your heater core, may need to repair or replace it.

Where would water be coming from that is leaking onto drivers side floorboard?

It could possibly be the heater core Check your heatting and a/c

Water inside car on drivers side floor 1986 Lincoln?

something with the AC contact a Lincoln dealer and they can tell you more about what you need to do. you will most likely have to take it to the shop.

What causes a water leak in the drivers side floor board in a 2002 sante fe?

It is either a leaking heater core or the air conditioning evaporator drain plug is clogged.

Where can you find a diagram of the underneath side of the drivers seat of a kia optima?

What could cause a rattling at t he drivers side back tire..

Where is the water leak in your 94 Saturn SC2 that gets your floor mats wet?

check your blower motor, located under the dash board. its on the passenger side. if the leak is on the drivers side, i have no clue. but my hubby's car is leaking water from the blower motor on the passenger side. found out at the car wash...

Where are fuses located on a 1989 camaro?

Right above the drivers side floor board under the dash.

Reset button located on a ford windstar 1998?

on the floor on drivers side, left of brake pedal

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