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Q: How could you get Undergraduate scholarship in Scandnavia's countries?
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What is another way to say given a scholarship?

You could say 'received a scholarship.' +++ Or 'awarded a scholarship'

Could the person that have HIV Positive get the scholarship to study abroad?

Yes they can get a scholarship.

How can you get a scholarship to Yale?

yes you could

Why should someone give you a scholarship?

There are many reasons why someone should give you a scholarship. You could have done something very helpful or have a dream.

Did martin Luther king jr win the Rhodes scholarship?

No. He never went to Oxford at all, so he could not have won the Rhodes scholarship

Is there discrimination against majors in the scholarship market?

Majors are always preferred with scholarships. There is a scholarship for almost any trade, degree, and business out there in the world, you could learn Programming and easily pick up a scholarship.

What are the advantages of being in a band?

If it's a school band you may could get a scholarship but if not you could make money.

Can someone give you a presentation of themselves that could help you win a scholarship?

No not a chance.

Could an African participate in the Scholarship program?

If they live in Africa, then no. The WikiAnswers scholarship is only open to citizens of the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

Name the major of someone who is studying to be an author?

Could be Creative Writing, but most universities don't have that as an undergraduate degree. The most common undergraduate degrees are Journalism and English.

What should you do to get a scholarship?

Usually to get a scholarship, you have to be really good at something that you could probably get a degree in. You should probably mention all of your achievements, all sports and athletics, clubs you were in, etc..

Hi you would like to know how could you apply for Orprah scholarship for university?

Probably not. Probably not.

Running an 1808 5k race as a freshman Do you think i could go to college on a scholarship?

if you get better

Was john Adams family poor when he was a child?

No because he could afford a college education and he had a scholarship.

What countries could you find a steppe?

the countries that you could find in steppe are kazhkstan,vzbekistan

How can I get a scholarship easily?

You can get scholarships easily by submitting previous works that you have done in your college career. Submitting things such as art work, essays, poems, or inventions could possibly help you to win a scholarship.

Will a 34 on the ACT get you a scholarship?

With the score of a 34 on the ACT you could get a lot of scholarships, some college could also offer you full ride.

Can you barrel race in college?

Of coarse!! But if you acually have a future in barrel racing then you could get a scholarship! just sayin

Can you get scholarships for dance lessons?

no but for collage you can get recommendation from you teacher who gives you dance lessons which could get you a dance scholarship

What are you allowed to use local scholarship money on?

Well, You could use it on video games, or gummy bears.

Where can he find a list of scholarships for undergraduate he could apply for?

here's a good site to try If they have VA, they will help.

Can you get a scholarship if you have a GPA of 3.5 and a ACT score of 23?

depends on what college you want a scholarship for. but the GPA is pretty good. could be better but good. and the ACT score is pretty good as well. good luck!

Do you need a athletic scholarship to play sports your freshman year?

It's is very hard to be on a college team without an athletic scholarship your freshman year. You could become a "walk on" but it's very hard.

What is the best way to get a scholarship in Georgia?

Visiting a community college administration office could offer invaluable information on scholarships. They would know of in college scholarship programs as well as possible local sponsors.

What needs to be on my application to earn a free college scholarship?

There are two ways to get a scholarship: high grades/ high entrance exam score and; indigence of your family. When you have high grades/ high entrance exam score, the university itself will give you scholarship. So, study hard for this! If your family cannot afford college, then you could apply scholarship from the government. God bless in your future endeavors!!!