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Q: How could you make your own burner for a propane gas forge?
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How do you convert a propane clothes dryer to natural gas?

You change the orifice in the burner. Propane and natural gas require different orifice sizes. You should check with your gas or propane supplier, or contact the manufacturer for more detailed information. If you have good information and are a pretty handy individual, you might be able to do the conversion yourself. But, be warned, if you make a mistake, if could be tragic.

How do you make a forge?

There are two basic kinds of forges: solid fuel (coal, charcoal and coke being the common ones), and gaseous fuel (propane being the common one). The kind of forge you will make depends on the kind of fuel you want to use.

Who is Mr Bunsen Burner?

he really sucked at making a burner thingie i could make one better than him out of plastic

How many hours will a propane refrigerator run on a gallon of propane?

Depends on the size of the burner, if the unit is 5000 btu's ,( probably much smaller), but it makes the math easy that would run a fridge (full throttle) for 20 hours. The flame cycles, so it won't use that non stop. To make it easy., divide the amount of btu's into 93,000 (roughly the btu's in a gallon of propane) and you will have your answer

Can you use propane gas with natural gas logs why not?

You can not use propane with natural gas logs. The reason is because you do not know how to change air to gas mixture so that it will burn most efficiently. However, your question was could I use it. Yes, I could use natural gas logs with propane. I know how to make the adjustments.

What causes the black residue on the pot on your propane deep fryer?

Its the propane flame. The burner is too rich, meaning too much fuel and not enough air. Make sure the air ports are open. You will probably find them where the flexible hose connects to the stand. Its usually just a disc that has a couple of openings in it....the hose connects in the center of the disc.

What must you do when a strike back occur?

you could turn off the gas tap immediately and leave the burner to cool as during a strike back, the gas burns at the jet and make the burner very hot.

Who help Robert Bunsen make the Bunsen burner?

Deric Burner

How could one go about building a forge at home?

The easiest forge to build at home would be a blast forge. Simply place thick sheet of steel and build the walls of the forge out of bricks about two feet high. Make sure there is an opening near the bottom to apply some form of forced air, such as a hair dryer. Place whatever kind of coal you like in the bottom of the forge, light it, and turn on your forced air source.

How do you get a big flame with the Bunsen burner?

how do you make the flame on busen burner bigger

How much propane can make you high?

propane has no hallucinogenic properties and can't make you high. Plus it smells like sh*t

In halo 3 in forge is there a way to make scarabs?

NO! You could randomly construct one out of crates but it would look lame and couldn't move.

Not so snappy 2 by Jim cornish?

The sword smith can forge 6 swords in two days. How many swords could he make in 11 days

What safe herbs could help me in a fat burner diet?

Ginko and chili are great at increasing your metabolism. Make sure to exercise as well!

What element combine to make propane answer in symbols?

The elements that must combine to make propane are C and H, using symbols. These are carbon and hydrogen, respectively.

How long did it take to make the Bunsen burner?

It took about three years to make the Bunsen burner. This was an invention that was credited to the works of Robert Bunsen.

What is the purpose of the burner crossover tubes on a gas burner?

The purpose of a cross over tubes on a gas burner is so that the fire ignited from the main burner can make contact with the gas coming from the other burners.

A question for sims 2 castaway how do i get into geyser rock i know i need a chisel and an hammer to inspect it but i need to make a forge to build it on and i dont know how to make a forge help?

You need to find the llama temple. An in the middle of the room, near the thrones you will find the forge. Then go to the forge and it will say 'repair' or 'build' or whatever. An then you can make new items and stuff.

What rhymes with gorge?

forge, scourge, george, engorge...This one is hard. I think that only the word "forge" rhymes exactly with gorge. You could slur "porridge" to make it rhyme, or use a name: George, but neither of those sounds quite right.

Do you have to have a DVD burner to make DVDs I have Nero but i don't have a DVD burner my computer only has a CD burner. can i still make DVDs?

Of course not, Nero is only a burning software like Longo DVD Copy, it need the hard drive to support, you need to purchase a DVD Burner to do so.

How do you make a gas burner for a pig cooker?

The way to make a gas burner for a pig cooker is by making a pipe burner and building a manifold and run a gas mixer for each pipe. Also, use three cast burners.

what make the best patio heaters, electric, gas or propane heaters?

Propane are the best, they throw out a lot of heat

How do you make a forge on survival 303?

Forge is 2 stone walls + 2 refined iron + 1 thatching

What is the name of the gas that is filled in hot air balloons to make them soar and rise up in the sky?

In a "hot air" balloon, which you refer to in your question, the gas is hot air. Heated air rises, so the balloon rises. The gas used in the burner, to heat the air, is propane.

How do you make a propane Tiki torch?

I wouldn't if I were you. It could be very dangerous; explosions and burns are possible. Just go to Lowes or Home Depot and buy one.