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How could you show your batchmates that you want to be a leader for them even though they do not think you can lead them?

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2008-02-29 21:29:07

The very best way to do this is to start with leading by

example. Be first to begin a task, and do what needs to be done in

the very best way possible. Help others to do what needs doing, and

adapt and include any new wrinkle that makes the "doing" better.

Continue leading by example and showing the incorporated "wrinkles"

that make the doing better. It may also be helpful to give credit

to the individual or individuals who came up with the "better"

idea, but always pick the "best" way to do what needs doing and

always step up first to do it. With a beginning like this, you can

begin to make inroads with your batchmates. They will come to know

you and (hopefully) will sense your concerns and cares about the

work - and about them. This will build trust. There are other

techniques that can be applied, but this is a start.

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