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Q: How could you use C to determine the IP address of your machine?
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How does the ARP process use an IP address?

to determine the MAC address of a device on the same network

What does dhcp use to determine if a dhcp client has an ip reservation?

DHCP uses the clients MAC address to determine the IP address a client receives.

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How do investigators track down the source of a virus?

If you are attempting to find how the virus came to infect your system, then you need to determine the IP address that the virus came from. How you determine the IP address will depend on the method of transmission that the virus uses. Once the IP address has been determined, you can use a reverse DNS lookup to determine what domain the IP address is associated with and a WHOIS to determine who operates that domain.

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Which process do routers use to determine the subnet network address based upon a given IP address and subnet mask?

binary ANDing

Which process do routers use to determine subnet network address based upon a given IP address and subnet mask?

binary ANDing

What does the local host use to determine the destination network ID of a particular packet?

the address Class

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Could an IP be redesigned to use a hardware address?


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What should you do to determine what devices are connected to your router?

Since it is your router, you should know how to and be able to connect to it and log in. A list of client devices or connected devices should available through a manage, security, or advanced tab or option. There are programs you can use to scan your network and determine what is connected. One such program is called Angry IP Scanner (angryip). It is a free. It scans your network addresses (or parts of it) using various methods to determine if an address exists, what kind of machine is at that address, and what server capabilities (ports) are open there.