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it doesn't matter if yu have crooked teeth or not. if you want braces and if you are going to pay for them the dentist will put themon. sometimes if your teeth are to bad the dentist will recommend them

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 05:40:21
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Q: How crooked do your teeth have to be to get braces?
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Why does Leslie have braces?

her teeth are crooked.

What can I do about crooked teeth?

If you have crooked teeth, you can get braces to help straighten them and to give you a beautiful smile.

Do braces mean teeth?

No, they are devices to move crooked teeth.

When and why were braces invented?

Braces were invented because people with crooked teeth can fix that with braces.

How long does it take for braces?

It depends, really, on how crooked your teeth are. My braces, for example, will be on for about 4 years because my teeth are so crooked. Your braces could be on for a few months, or a few years.

What will happen if you dont take care of your teeth?

Your teeth will become crooked and you will have to get braces

Can you get braces top teeth only?

if your bottom teeth are okay and straight then they are not going to put braces in the bottom teeth , but if your top teeth are crooked and not straight , then you will only get braces at the top.

Why does Niall wear braces?

he had crooked teeth he wanted it to make it straight by wearing braces

How do you make yourself get braces?

If you actually want braces, you're crazy. p.s. you need crooked teeth to get braces.

Do you have to get braces if you have a little over bite and some crooked teeth?

It's your choice, of course if you get braces then you'll have perfect teeth but no you don't have to get them.

Can you get braces when your teeth are not crooked?

if you have gaps but otherwise there would be no point in getting them.

Are braces a solution?

yes they are the solution to help straighten crooked teeth.

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