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How dangerous are Staffordshire Bull Terriers?

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2011-09-13 05:40:30

They ain't dangerous.. It's the person that raises it that makes

it dangerous, with the right owner, it's the perfect cuddle pig


Staffordshire Bullterriers were bred for dog-fighting, therefore

they would have the tendency to be aggressive to other dogs, but it

all depends on how you raise them. Staffies are great with people

and especially with kids. They actually have the nickname of 'nanny

dogs' because they are so placid around children. This is most

likely due to them having a very high pain tolerance therefore

children cannot hurt them that easily. But even though Staffies are

usually seen to not be good with other dogs, if you socialise them

from a young age with other dogs and supervise them when they

interact with other dogs they can get along perfectly with other

dogs. Usually it is not the breed that is dangerous but the way

they are raised.

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