How dangerous are tsunamis?

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very dangerous! you can die from them

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Q: How dangerous are tsunamis?
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Are volcanoes more dangerous than tsunamis and earthquakes?

Tsunamis are

When are tsunamis more dangerous?

When they strike a highly populated area.

Are tsunamis dangerous in open sea?

No, generally not. If you are in the open sea and a tsunami passes you probably won't even notice it. It is not until tsunamis reach shallow water that they become dangerous.

Why are tsunamis more dangerous than wind waves?

because tsunamis have more force (power) than wind waves:)

Why are Tsunamis so Dangerous?

Because they are massive waves which can blow you away

How are tsunamis dangerous?

It was not founded, i dont think. It is just a Huge trench in the ocean FORMED naturally. tsunamis are so poopy yeah bro

Where are Tsunamis most dangerous?


Is tsunamis dangerous?

It really depends. And it is based on someones opinion. If its a really tiny tsunami some people may not think so. But a tsunamis caused by a landslide (which can be 1000ft tall) would be very dangerous to almost everyone.

Are plate tectonics dangerous?

yes, it causes earthquakes and sometimes tsunamis -novanet ooftroop

Why are tsunamis more dangerous than waves?

because they have bigger waves and more power or force:P

Tsunamis are often no taller than normal wind waves Why are they more dangerous?

Tsunamis are very dangerous they pull water from shore and grow in size, they can grow to a height of 1story or higher and they wash away cars, houses killing thousands of people.

Why are tsunamis dangerous?

Tsunamis present a number of dangerous. With the rapid inundation, people can easily drown or even be crushed by the sheer force of the wave or by debris carried in the water. When the wave washes back out, people may be carried out to sea with little chance of rescue.

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