How dangerous is Barack Obama?

He's not very dangerous at all. Most of the rumors about the president that scare average Americans are untrue. Although many don't agree with his policies or political party, he is not as radical as some people believe him to be.

One of the most widespread rumors is that Obama is a socialist. This is simply not true; I know a few people who identify themselves as socialists, and all of them complain that Obama's political views are too far to the right. Likewise, conservatives often complain that he is a socialist or a communist. The truth about politics is that there's no way to please everyone. I don't know if you're a Bush supporter, but calling Obama a socialist is the equivalent of calling Bush a Nazi or a Fascist. It's an exaggeration. There are other, more effective ways to convince others why you feel Obama is not a good president.

Another rumor is that President Obama was born in Kenya. Although proving he was born there would be an easier way to keep him from getting re-elected, it's simply not possible. There are too many reliable sources that prove he is an American citizen. Again, it's a lot more impressive if you can actually debate with someone about his policies.

The bottom line is that most of the radical things you hear about him (such as the "death panels" which were "included" in the health care bill) are simply not true. By believing these rumors, you are only telling everyone else that you are gullible and easily manipulated. If you don't like Obama's policies, use real facts to debate others. It's a much more effective way to use your power of dissent.