How dangerous is Wing Chun compared to other styles or systems?

All martial arts styles have dangerous movements, and very deadly techniques. Wing Chun, like many styles teach and targeted vital organs while training. The heart, eyes, throat, spine, neck, and groin are commonly attacked. All organs & nerves have targeting potential. Specific exercises condition and strengthen strikes for certain hand positions Chi-Na & Acupoints are only taught to advanced students who complete the system. Nie-gung or Hie-kung are internal power development forms used to develope the power needed to perform dim mak, dim hsueh, and dim ching. Fa-jing is also taught as in Tai Chi. This makes many basic Wing Chun techniques deadly when performed at advanced levels. Even though other styles do use these theories, they are slightly different according to systems. The dangers of acupoint striking are well known in the martial arts world and exist in the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu. This does not mean it's the best martial art in the world, but it does mean it is the best art for me.