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How dangerous is a bite from a pot-bellied pig?

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Pot-Bellied Pig BiteThere probably isn't too much danger in a pig bite though if it is bleeding it is very recommendable to clean it well with peroxide or soap and water and make sure to cover it. Assuming the pig hasn't cause too much damage the wound should be fine with a band aide and some neosporine.

We have free range British Saddleback Pigs and it is true that the germs and bacteria in a pigs mouth is only second to a crocodile. Peroxide or some strong disinfectant is very recommendable. An anti-tetanus injection would be highly recommended.

2012-06-20 22:18:37
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Q: How dangerous is a bite from a pot-bellied pig?
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Average weight of a pot bellied pig?

A full grown potbellied pig can be anywhere from 100 to 250 pounds. Although, the average size of a potbellied pig is about 120 to 150 pounds. Potbellied pigs do come in many shapes and sizes so the weight of the potbellied pig will just depend on how he/she is genetically built.

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A potbellied pig should be at least 9 months of age before breeding; she can have piglets more or less until she dies.

How tall is the average potbelly pig?

A full grown potbellied pig will grow to be anywhere from 14 to 24 inches tall. Although the average size for a potbellied pig tends to be about 16 inches tall. This is measuring from the point of the potbellied pigs shoulders to the base of the pigs hoof.

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Potbellied pigs will generally eat anything. The danger in this is that they can become obese and unhealthy. A potbellied pigs diet should mainly consist of foods high in fiber. There are feeds made especially for potbellied pigs that will contain the amount of fiber needed. Some brands are Heartland and and Peak Performance. The amount of feed depends on the weight of the potbellied pig. The general rule is about 1/2 cup of maintenance food per 25 pounds of the pigs weight. This total amount should then be divided into two feedings a day. Potbellied pigs can also be fed vegetables to expand diet options for the pig. Fruit can also be fed to the pig but in small amounts because of the higher amount of natural sugars. Another very important part of a pigs diet is water. Water should always be available for the potbellied pig to drink.

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A pig will bite for its self defence only.

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The gestation period for a potbellied pig is 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days or 112 to 115 days.

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Yes pigs can carry worms. I have a potbellied pig and when we first brought him home he had to be treated for any worms.

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